How To Fix Twitch PS4 Error 0495ba16 (The Easy Way!)

Can't log in to the app and watch streams because of the 0495ba16 Twitch PS4 error? We've got a short term workaround and a longer-lasting fix available!

Twitch may be the current undisputed king of game streaming, but that doesn't mean its always the best or most stable platform. The 0495ba16 Twitch PS4 error has been plaguing Sony fans for months, and there's no indication it's going to be resolved by a patch anytime soon.

The error code hasn't been officially acknowledged by Twitch at this point, with very little help incoming even if you contact their support directly. Appearing with an update a few months back, this obnoxious error code has caused major headaches for existing Twitch app users.

While it can occasionally be solved by logging out and back in, many players are finding they can no longer successfully sign into Twitch at all. Uninstalling and re-installing the app typically doesn't help either.

There are two solutions we've found so far -- one fairly simple, and the other a bit more time consuming.

How To Resolve Twitch Error 0495ba16

This first option isn't a true "fix" but rather a workaround to whatever is causing the problem on the PS4 but not other platforms -- you can overwhelm the software and force a successful sign in by spamming the sign in option.

Just hold the left thumbstick upward and continuously tap X to spam the sign in button for 60 - 120 seconds and you'll typically get in without any further issues.

Unfortunately, you'll have to do this again every single time the app closes.

Not stoked about that prospect?  There is a full fix so you don't have to go through that annoying process, but its more in-depth and requires unlinking your Twitch account from your PS4.

To get this process started, head to the PS4 home screen and go through this series of menus:

  • Settings
  • Sharing and Broadcast
  • Link With Other Services
  • Link Your Account With Twitch
  • Sign Out

After signing out of Twitch on your console, switch over to a separate device like your PC or tablet (not on the PS4 browser) and head to the Twitch website.

From there, click the icon for your avatar in the top-right corner, then choose Settings and navigate to the Connections tab. Go through the process of linking your Twitch account to the PS4 again just like you did when first installing the app.

In most cases, the problem should now be solved, although the error code may occur again in the future and require unlinking and re-linking yet again.

Still having problems after going through these troubleshooting steps? Head over to the PlayStation support page and file a ticket to get in touch with a support specialist via email for further troubleshooting of the PS4 Twitch error problem.

Have you found any other workarounds or solutions to the 0495ba16 Twitch PS4 error? Let us know what worked for you and we'll add your method to this article!

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Published Aug. 13th 2020

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