[Video] The Strangest Twitch Streams So Far

People are strange, but even stranger on Twitch.tv. Come with me as we delve into the bizarre, the odd, and the downright strangest streams so far.

Who would've imagined 8 years ago, that there would be a billion-dollar industry in live video game streaming?  Or that a kid from "Smalltown, USA" could earn six figures by allowing people to watch how good he or she is at particular game on Twitch.

Twitch.tv is the gamer's ESPN that's funded like your local PBS.  While many popular streamers seem to follow a clear-cut path, or grasp at low hanging fruit for donations and followers, some of the best streamers prefer to keep things a little weird. 

When I say "strangest Twitch streams" there are no negative connotations attached.  Afterall, some of my favorite entertainers are, no doubt, strange in their own way.  However, a wise man once said "When you're strange, no one remembers your name."  But hopefully with this list, you will remember theirs.

So without further ado here are the most entertaining, but strangest, Twitch Streams so far.     


In many ways, Sodapoppin fits into mold of your typical streamer; young, upper middle class, caucasian male, rounded out with a repertoire of vulgarities straight out of the Generation Z handbook.  However, like any good act, he injects a bit of oddity in his antics.

From eating notoriously dangerous ghost chiles at his viewers behest, to breaking out into "cringeworthy" interpretive dance routines, some would consider Soda to be a "vanilla" form of strange compared to the other streamers on this list.  Nevertheless, he is quite entertaining at times, and his stream is a good place to dip your toes into the vast, strange world of oddball Twitch streamers. 


Don't be put off by the fact that this next streamer pretty much only plays Runescape.  Despite his undisguised appearance, TurtleOnCrack is not just a one trick pony.  Sure he's overweight and refuses to stream with a shirt on, but he can be quite the showman.

For instance, have you ever seen someone chug (or rather, squash) three whole plastic water bottles in the time it takes for a deep breath?      


Technology is beautiful.  Watch as two fish under the same aquatic roof (AG Aquarius and Robert The Bruce)battle it over the NES classic by controlling what button to mash based on a where they swim in their tank. 

I imagine it involves sensors or somthing...but the point is, its absolutely entertaining and completely bizarre.  Feeling the gambler's spirit?  Place bets in chat, and then proceed to rigorously curse out a tiny fish hundreds of miles away when he loses your fake money.   


Ming really hits close to home with me.  He reminds me of the kind of gamers I grew up with: good-ol-boys full of infinite and comical wisdom when inebriated and behind the sticks of their favorite violent video game. 

If you're in the mood with an interactive host with an affinity for heavy metal and slurred epiphanies, then MingTheMerciless will truly be right up your alley.  So sit back, crack open that bottle of Bones Farm, and let the madness unfold. 


He plays Dark Souls really well with his feet -- just watch it and be amazed, you peasant! 


Ken is not only a beast, but (I imagine) an inspiration to all disabled gamers.  As a quadriplegic using a voice and motion input controller, you can watch Ken play WoW and Diablo III better than most people can with hands.

Ken is also a sweet guy, who is willing to play with his viewers.  If you're interested, he'll be doing an AMA on Reddit this week. 


Indulge yourself in some pure excitement with this stream.  You'll never feel your pulse take off like it does when watching in with bated breath as a potato gets stuck on the first screen of Pokemon Blue.  

Will he choose "new game?"  Will he choose "option?"  Why is he a he?  These heart pounding inquiries will leave you on the edge of your seat during this thrilling saga. 


What are your favorite strange streams?  Share them below, and don't forget to curse me out on Twitter because I didn't include them.  Jokes aside, please don't forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel.    

Published Feb. 8th 2017
  • mingthemerciless93
    Don't forget my homeboy twitch.tv/morikiopa. He's as strange as I am!

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