The 4 Best JRPGs to Play on PS4

1. Final Fantasy XV

Back in 2006, Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced as a spin-off to the Fabula Nova Crystallis. Following the success of Kingdom Hearts, Tesuya Nomura was at the helm of this exciting new addition to the franchise. But there were troubled waters ahead. Following his success with the Final Fantasy VII spin-off, Crisis Core, Hajime Tabata was brought in as creative director -- and the game was finally released as a stand-alone title, Final Fantasy XV, in November 2016.

There is enough in this game to delight newcomers and seasoned fans alike. You play as Noctis (voiced in the English version by Ray Chase), who must take back his kingdom of Lucis from the evil empire of Niflheim.  Guiding and accompanying you along the way is your combat trainer and bodyguard Gladiolus, your chef Ignis, and your childhood friend (and photographer extraordinaire) Prompto.  

Some gamers were critical of the lack of explanation of backstory, which seems to be addressed in the DLC. Personally, I found the main story compelling and one of the more straightforward in Final Fantasy lore. I also really enjoyed the shift to fast paced combat, and the summons in this game are truly awe inspiring.

If you happen to have the PSVR, E3 2017 showcased an eagerly anticipated VR add-on to the game, which will add a new dimension to the adventure.

Published Jun. 14th 2017

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