The 4 Best JRPGs to Play on PS4

3. Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness 

I missed out on Star Ocean for PS2, and I was eager to try out this release for PS4. Akira Yasuda (or Akiman) of Street Fighter 2 fame designed the characters for this entry in the franchise, which was developed by tri-Ace. 

In Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessnessyou play as Fidel -- who has his world turned upside down when a spaceship crashes into his small village, revealing a young girl who can’t remember who she is.

You have a sizeable party in this game, as you can control up to 7 players and switch between them on the fly. Spell Cards for healing and casting offensive spells are a really great touch. Crafting items and using your cookery skills is very rewarding, are the optional dungeons you can play throughout the game. I also really appreciated the bold move to replace cutscenes with in game dialogue.

Last but not least, Ray Chase’s voice work (of FFXV) also pops up in this title!

Published Jun. 14th 2017

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