Temtem Guide: How to Make Money in Temtem

Money is in short supply in Temtem. Here's the best way(s) to stock up on your journey.

Pansun — Temtem's in-game currency — can be hard to come by. This is particularly true if you're saving money for some cool new threads, with clothing prices stretching into the thousands! 

Fret not, though, we're here to shed some light on the best method(s) to earn yourself some bonus dough in the world of Temtem.

How to Make Money in Temtem

FreeTem! Organization

The widely-accepted best method for making money in Temtem is currently the FreeTem! Organization, which can be found in Omninesia

Omninesia is the second island you'll visit, after boarding the Narwhal airship. To find the FreeTem! Organisation, head due west after disembarking. You'll soon enter The Canopath. Head north and entering the building on the left. 

You can find the FreeTem! Organization's building on the map by looking for symbol of a hand making the peace sign.

The FreeTem! Organization will give you money each week based on the number of Temtem you've released. This means that you should catch and release as many Temtem as you can if you want to make more money.

It's currently unknown exactly how the money is calculated, but Temtem levels and capture ratios are taken into account, so it's a good idea to experiment with catching critters from everywhere. There are also prizes for releasing milestones of 250 Temtem, so catching lots of low-level, easy Temtem will help with this. 

Thankfully, Temcards are only 15 Pansun each at Temporiums, and the money you'll make back from the FreeTem! Organization will more than make up for this. 

It might sound obvious, but if you really want to save money, there are some basic tips you should follow. First, always make sure your Temtem are healthy

Losing battles against tamers in the wild will cost you money. In the same vein, try to make frequent trips to Temporiums and make use of your Temessence Phial to heal up. This will allow you to sell valuable medicine items such as Revives to make some extra cash.

Finally, battling enemy tamers is always a guaranteed way to make some money — provided you win! — so make sure to clear out every route and cave that you can find. 

Make sure to return to previously explored locations once you've acquired the Surfboard, too, as you'll be able to access new areas to battle new tamers and find hidden goodies. The Windward Fort is one such area that includes a hidden mission that will make you more than 2,000 Pansun!

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Published Jan. 31st 2020

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