Three Familiar Faces Join the Uncharted Movie

The Uncharted movie's cast added three new famous faces to its roster, though we don't really know their roles yet.

The Uncharted movie's cast just got several star-studded additions, according to Variety. We already knew Tom Holland (Spider-Man, Onward) would be playing young Nathan Drake, and now Antonio Banderas (Zorro, Interview with the Vampire), Sophia Ali (Grey's Anatomy, Truth or Dare), and Tati Gabrielle (FreakishChilling Adventures of Sabrina) are joining the Uncharted movie.

Ali will be the female lead, while Gabrielle plays a "key" role. Since the script only just had its most recent draft finished by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (Ironman, Men in Black: International), we don't have any idea who any of their characters might actually be or what their roles are like.

The same goes for Antonio Banderas, but given his acting history, it's probably safe to assume he won't be "Nameless Extra 3."

In other Uncharted movie news, Reuben Fleischer finally signed a deal making him the film's seventh director. It was basically known Fleischer would take up this role previously, but it's now officially official.

So, it seems like the Uncharted movie is moving forward at last. Holland mentioned the script this time around is quite good, and true to form for PlayStation Productions' vision, the Uncharted movie won't be re-telling the game's story. It's something completely new and unique on its own.

That's something to look forward to, at least, seeing as the film's anticipated release was pushed back to next year.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Uncharted movie news as it emerges from the jungles of the Internet. 


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Published Mar. 5th 2020

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