Xbox Live Changing For Better or Worse?

Some radical changes are heading towards Xbox Live. Are you prepared for the wave?

The Future of Xbox Live Gold

As of August 27th, 2013 the Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack will be changing. If you're afraid of losing your time remaining on your current account, don't fear. Microsoft will be giving that extended time, as well as three months for the transitions of memberships.

Now I know many people have become accustomed to the current Xbox LIVE Gold, where there is a Family Sharing Plan for multiple Xbox consoles under the same roof. This will become obsolete and move into individual accounts that require separate fees versus the low sum of the Family Plan. The same type of parental controls will remain into play, minus the allowance ability and activity monitoring. Microsoft is a very family oriented company, but if people don't happen to use these abilities such as the allowance, then they'll be removing it.

Easier to Share Games

Microsoft is heading towards the Ninendo sharing process viewed upon the Wii U. Using the Wii U, you can make separate accounts within the same game, without interfering with saved data. Upcoming is the same type of ability except expanding over multiple consoles. With the new Xbox One, anyone can sign in on your Xbox with their gamertag and begin playing one of the games within your library. Also, being able to access digital purchases while signed onto a different Xbox.

Published Aug. 12th 2013
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    I don't have a family plan so it doesn't affect me much. They are using cloud, but I'm sure you can still save things on the console like you can now. Or maybe it will all be on the cloud, I can't remember if they said it or not. Memory cards as an exclusive way to save hasn't been used since PS2 and Gamecube.
  • MyNameIsProjekt
    I don't know if I will ever need to access a digital purchase from another Xbox One console but it should definitely be a cool feature. I remember going over to a friend's house and have 8 guys playing Halo 2 against each other on two different consoles, and it was really good fun. There were a lot of moving parts with having to get all the consoles hooked up and getting everything set up to play, so being able to access digital purchases remotely will remove at least some of the hassle of that process.

    Hopefully, Microsoft will also shorten the time it takes to access your account on a different console as well. Having to download the account can sometimes take a little while depending on connection strength, etc.
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    Although this doesn't particularly effect my gaming since I don't buy into Live and use my Xbox as a DVD player than console, I can see how the downloadable content can be a pain. I've had enough times with Steam trying to download a game for friends to play and the download strength does down the drain due to connections. If Microsoft could make the downloading easier, then it would make everyone happy.

    Not sure if this is fully truth but I heard Xbox One is going to be using the Cloud more than the typical memory cards we were fond of on Gamecubes and PS2s. That could make things much slower with connections and cause strain onto the internet provider.

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