Unexpected Guests Visit the Halls of Karazhan in World of Warcraft: Legion

Blizzard teases something stirring in the halls of beloved World of Warcraft raid, Karazhan.

World of Warcraft: Legion is right around the corner, but Blizzard isn't done giving us teasers of new things. A new trailer that was originally teased at Gamescom 2016 has been released. Legion will see the return of the beloved Burning Crusade raid, Karazhan.

Worldofwarcraft.com describes Karazhan as follows:

The decrepit tower of Karazhan once housed one of the greatest powers Azeroth has ever known: the sorcerer Medivh. Since his death, a terrible curse has pervaded the tower and the surrounding lands. The spirits of nobles from nearby Darkshire reportedly walk its halls, suffering a fate worse than death for their curiosity. More dangerous spirits wait within Medivh's study, for it was there that he summoned demonic entities to do his bidding. However, the brave and foolish are still relentlessly drawn to Karazhan, tempted by rumors of unspeakable secrets and powerful treasures. Forge a group of ten stalwart heroes, and journey to the tower in Deadwind Pass — but be warned that only those who have achieved level 70 should dare enter.

As mentioned, players visited Karazhan once before at level 70. The home of Medivh the Last Guardian was featured in the first World of Warcraft expansion, known as Burning Crusade. They fought through its twisting halls to defeat Prince Malchezaar. Malchezaar is an Eredar Prince of the Burning Legion, the primary antagonists of the titular Legion expansion. It would seem that Karazhan's fate is heavily tied to the Legion, as they return time and time again to the empty halls of the spire.

Previously the romp through Karazhan was a mysterious and entertaining one. Right away you visit a ballroom where you would engage with ghostly party goers and enchanted silverware. You'd then pass through an opera featuring a boss that varied between a selection of different performances based on various fairy tales and stage plays. Finally you'd make your journey through the library and even play a giant game of chess against the ghostly memories of the former master, Medivh. If the return to Karazhan is anything like it was in Burning Crusade, you can expect that this trip will be worth every moment you spend there, assuming the demonic hordes don't get you first.


Published Aug. 19th 2016

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