Missing in action: 9 games that were conspicuously absent from E3

Shadow Of Mordor sequel

The game-changing mechanics on this Peter Jackson-inspired trek into the Lord Of The Rings lore had me absolutely hooked, sinking an absurd number of hours into completing every last dagger, sword, and bow legend while taking on more orcs than any army ever could.

There's an addicting quality here that keeps players coming back to nab those final diabolical achievements (and by the way, somehow after 100 hours I STILL haven't gotten the White Rider achievement).

Since then it's been a nail-biting wait to see if we'll get a sequel, either continuing the story or (even better) going in some new direction. Part 2 wouldn't have to feature the same characters or even take place in the same area – Middle Earth is huge, and even Mordor itself has lots of unexplored territory. While there's tons of love about the original, some upgrades wouldn't hurt either – particularly in the final boss battle department.

Unfortunately nothing concrete landed at E3 this year, so its likely going to be months at the least before an announcement comes, if indeed a sequel is even being developed at this point.

Published Jun. 21st 2016

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