GS Podcast: Round Table - #2 MMO Talk

All of us talk about some great news and MMO's in the works!

The sequel!An official GameSkinny podcast about gaming, by gamers like you. We truly make this a 'round table' affair by connecting through people located all over the globe with hosts that come from Canada, the United States, Australia, and more. Gaming is a worldwide passion, and our goal is to bring you news, reviews, and great conversations. We want to connect with our audience on the topics you care about, as well as our own. Because after all, #obscuritysucks.Welcome to the second episode of the Gameskinny Round Table Podcast. Our podcast this week consisted of Jamie, Aneudys aka Nunu, Lui, Mike, John, Stephanie and myself Rob.This week we decided to talk about a number of MMO's: FFXIV Neverwinter Marvel Heroes Wildstar MWO And more! This weeks podcast went a lot better than last week's; we had a lot more organization and touched on a lot of good topics for the week.I hope everyone who watched the stream enjoyed it and if you listen to this podcast I hope you enjoy it as well.

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The Official GameSkinny podcast, created by gamers for gamers. News, gaming culture, and rogue unicorns are all fair game. Have a topic you want us to discuss? Let us know! Join us for our weekly stream on Wednesday nights at 9 PM EST on! Cleaned podcast recordings can be found on GameSkinny the following Friday. We also do the occasional Let's Play and game stream.

Published Aug. 10th 2013
  • GabrielKross
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    I haz a sad I couldn't be in on this!

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