Destiny 2 Chain Reaction Bounty Guide: How to Complete It

The Chain Reaction bounty in Destiny 2's Guardian Games isn't the easiest to complete. This guide shows you how to do it quickly and efficiently.

The obtuse nature of the Destiny 2 Chain Reaction bounty is partly to blame for some players and Guardian classes having a rough time in the Guardian Games. This guide will tell you the best way to complete the Chain Reaction bounty in Destiny 2 to put the Hunter class back on top.

We'll also include a few farming locations to help you make (relatively) quick work of the bounty. 

Update: In the This Week at Bungie article (posted 4/30/20), Bungie acknowledged the problems with the Chain Reaction bounty. They note the following:

Nightstalker Hunters using the Way of the Pathfinder must defeat groups of at least five tethered enemies twice. This count will reset when the Shadowshot Super is activated, so if a player is wearing Moebius Quiver it will reset their count every time they fire Shadowshot.

In short, fire only one tether into large groups and kill with your gun. The below article still shows good ways to do this.

How to Complete the Destiny 2 Chain Reaction Bounty

The Chain Reaction bounty is not bugged. You can, in fact, complete it. The problem is that the bounty's written requirements are quite different from what you have to do. 

On the bounty itself, you're asked to tether and kill groups of five enemies using bottom tree Nightstalker. As of right now, the bounty doesn't count to five very well, and you need groups of 15-25 enemies. 

There are only a few places you can group that many easy-to-kill enemies at a time, and the best one remains Level 1 of Escalation Protocol

Start by heading to the Braytech Futurescape and activating the northwestern Escalation plate. 

You'll want to be the only one in your instance of Braytech, so fast travel to the landing zone until no one's around you.

Activate Escalation Protocol and wait for all the Thrall to spawn in. Kite them until they're in a big group, fire your Tether on the ground next to them, then use the remaining five Tether shots to kill as many Thrall as you can.

Because the bounty is so finicky right now, you might have to do those steps multiple times just to get a single tick of progress on Chain Reaction. The trick is not giving up. With perseverance and a little luck, you'll get it done.

Alternate Chain Reaction Farming Locations

While Escalation Protocol is probably the easiest place to farm low-level mobs for Chain Reaction, there are a couple of other locations worth investigating.

The Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish raid. Shacknews has a guide on the Wish Wall pattern you'll need to make it to the encounter without doing the raid normally.

All you need to do is start the encounter and near-endless swarms of red bar Taken will attack you. Gather them together and Tether as usual. Repeat the process by wiping and replacing the Raid banner outside the encounter door for a full Super.

The Kingship Dock Lost Sector on the Tangled Shore. Grab a Public Event flag, then enter the Sector and go all the way to the chest at the back. This will spawn a bunch of red-bar enemies for you to Tether. This method wasn't consistent for me, but like Escalation Protocol, it's easy to access and repeat.

Remember, the Chain Reaction bounty isn't the best at counting your Tether kills, so you might need more than two attempts to finish. Don't give up — it's doable.


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Published May. 4th 2020

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