Destiny 2: How to Upgrade the EDZ Bunker

Here's how to upgrade your EDZ bunker with Warmind Bits, as well as how to get more WB.

The 10th season in Destiny 2 has begun, and it offers a new PvE event called the Seraph Bunkers. For now, players will only deal with the first bunker, which is the EDZ bunker in the European Dead Zone. This Season of the Worthy guide will help you properly upgrade it.

Warmind Bits is the new resource you'll be after, which has been introduced to help with bunker upgrades. Below, we go over how to earn Warmind Bits and how to rank your Bunker up fast.

How to Earn Warmind Bits

Bounties at the Rasputin EDZ

Warmind Bits are essential for upgrading your EDZ Bunker. You can earn Warmind Bits by completing bounties that are available at the Rasputin: EDZ.

There are three types of bounties, and each rewards you with a different amount of Warmind Bits:

  • Weekly bounties: 100 WB
  • Daily bounties: 50 WB
  • Repeatable daily bounties: 10 WB

The weekly bounties are the hardest to complete, and there's only one available per week. While daily bounties are a lot easier and can be repeated for an extra 10 WB.

There are two more sources for earning WB:

  • Legendary Lost Sectors
  • Seraph Tower Public Events

Both can be accessed at the central console of the EDZ, and they can be an additional source of WB if you get tired of daily bounties.

How to Upgrade Your Bunker

EDZ bunker upgrade ranks.

When you have stacked up a certain amount of WB, you can enter the EDZ Bunker Upgrades menu. Here you will see three ranks; you always start at Rank 1.

Here you can choose among seven categories. The best way to go about this process is to unlock the two most important categories at Rank 1 using WB:

  • Cost Reduction: Tier 1
  • EDZ Encrypted Warmind Bits: Tier 1

Cost Reduction will give you a discount for the rest of the categories, and Encrypted WB category will give you access to exclusive weapons at the Armory menu.

Then you can unlock the rest of the categories at Rank 1, and as soon as you've opened the rest, you will get seven chipsets to rank up your Bunker. This will provide access to special faction rewards and the ability to unlock Rank 2 and Rank 3.

At Rank 2 and Rank 3, you should focus on unlocking the following two categories:

  • Cost Reduction: Tier 2/3
  • Warmind Bit Generation: Tier 2/3

The WB Generation category provides a bonus to all your WB earnings through bounties. For example, your repeatable daily bounties will net you 12 WB instead of the usual 10. This strategy will help you upgrade your Bunker and rank up much faster.


That's how you upgrade your EDZ Bunker in Season of the Worthy. For more Destiny 2 guides, check out the list below:


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Published Mar. 13th 2020

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