Destiny 2: How to Farm Essence of the Dawning

Farm Essence of the Dawning to bake Destiny 2 seasonal cookies and reap big rewards.

Essence of the Dawning is a necessary ingredient for baking holiday cookies in Destiny 2's Dawning event. Essence of the Dawning is a consumable material that comes from almost any activity in the game.

Below we outline which activities are the best for farming Essence efficiently, and we go over four Essence farming methods. 

Where to Find and Farm Essence of the Dawning

Almost any and every activity in Destiny 2 rewards Essence of the Dawning. Activities include:

  • Patrols
  • Public Events
  • Strikes
  • Gambit Matches
  • Crucible Matches
  • Story Missions
  • Dawning Weekly Bounties

There's a kicker, though. Different Destiny 2 activities grant different quantities of Essence. Some Crucible playlists (Classic Mix) give very little Essence. Most others give between 10-15 Essence.

Essence of the Dawning Farming Method One

For the week of 12/19/19, the best way to farm Essence is the Team Scorched Playlist.

Each match is only five minutes, and the games rarely last even that long. You're liable to spend more time in orbit than playing. 

The best part of this farming method is the payout: you get a consistent 12-16 Essence of the Dawning with each game. With the best possible queue and game times, you could average around 130-160 Essence per hour.

Essence of the Dawning Farming Method Two

Strikes. Endless, endless strikes.

You'll average 10-15 minutes per strike and around 15 Essence for each completion. Add in strike weekly and repeatable bounties (easy as pie to complete), and you'll be farming Bright Dust alongside Essence of the Dawning.

Essence of the Dawning Farming Method Three

In the absence of a fast game mode like Scorched, or if you're sick of grinding strikes, you can go to the Heroic Story Mission playlist. You'll want to go with any of the following missions, as they average a five-minute completion time or less:

  • The Gateway
  • Ice and Shadow
  • Riptide
  • A Deadly Trial
  • Unbroken

You'll only net around 5 Essence per mission, but this farming method is still one of the fastest in the game.

Essence of the Dawning Farming Method Four

The final Essence of the Dawning farm is as old as Destiny 2: Public Events on big maps like Nessus or the EDZ. Once you start one event, make it Heroic, then immediately fast travel to another landing zone with another active event. 

Stay on the bigger maps, as they've got the highest concentration of possible active events. In many cases, events don't take much more than five minutes or so to complete.

As with Heroic Story missions, you'll net around five Essence per event, but if you can string them together, the gains are juicy.


And there you have it: four great farm methods to maximize your Essence of the Dawning collection so you're ready to bake every cookie in the game.

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Published Jan. 8th 2020

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