Final Fantasy VII Remake Finally Has a Release Date — For Next Year

Final Fantasy VII Remake's release date comes ahead of Square Enix's E3 press conference, but will it be for the whole game or just episode one?

Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy VII Remake release date ahead of its E3 2019 press conference, during the ill-fated Symphonic Reunion concert.

The game is set to launch on PlayStation 4 March 3, 2020. Interestingly, the trailer doesn't say if the entire game is going to be available then or just the first part.

However, after the May episode of Sony's State of Play series, Square Enix did say the game is still episodic in nature. That would explain why, as of now, we've only been given glimpses of Midgar city and nothing else in the surrounding world.

Square Enix released a brief new trailer showcasing more of the city and the game's combat too, which can be seen above. The focus is entirely on the game's opening scenes.

Most of the action centers on Avalanche targeting one of the city's Mako reactors in an attempt to cripple Shinra Corporation, though there are hints of the game's broader plot when we get a short glimpse of what happens after the iconic scene where Aerith gives Cloud a flower.

Naturally, FFVII remake is still action-based, in a complete 180-flip from its turn-based RPG roots. The trailer shows off the combat's fluid movement and some of Cloud's unique abilities as well.

Based on the status bars' position at different points in the trailer, it appears players will choose which character they control at a given time. As one would expect — each character will have a vastly different playstyle, though the trailer doesn't show off any of the AI or characters fighting together. Hopefully, that's something Square Enix will address during their E3 conference.

Outside the trailer, SE also dropped a new official image of Sephiroth standing above a raging fire with Midgar looming up in the background. It won't take much guesswork for the uninitiated to figure out yeah, he's the villain of the piece.

If March 3, 2020 seems too far away, don't forget the soundtrack for almost every Final Fantasy game can now be streamed online; listening to them all won't last until March, but it's a start.


Josh Broadwell's gaming career began early--1993, to be exact--when he was introduced to the Super Nintendo and Super Mario World. Despite all the magnificent games the SNES and, later, the original PlayStation had to offer, it wasn't until the GameBoy Advance era that he finally discovered RPGs, which quickly became a favorite genre. He holds a BA in history, an MA in history, and is currently pursuing an MA in strategic communication.

Published Jun. 12th 2019

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