Sony May 9 State of Play Recap: FF7 Remake, MediEvil, and More

From a new FF7 Remake trailer, to a brand-new limited edition PS4 and a MediEvil remake release date, the May State of Play wasn't lacking for content.

Sony's latest episode of its new broadcast series State of Play aired today and offered a brief look at some upcoming PlayStation 4 games, including the highly anticipated — and long-delayed — Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The episode didn't provide much new information about FF7 Remake, which, unlike the recent Resident Evil 2 remake, actually has "Remake" in the title. However, it did present a new trailer for the game, showing off some of the highly realistic CG scenes that blend seamlessly into combat. We've got the new FF7 Remake trailer below.

More information will be shared about the game in June, presumably at E3.

The episode's other big highlight, as expected, was the MediEvil remake. Sony offered a lengthy look at the game's lush visuals, an overview of the story, and some gameplay, showing Sir Fortesque still has some meat left on those old bones — sort of.

MediEvil is set to release October 25.

The May State of Play episode revealed some new upcoming PlayStation 4 games as well. One of them is Riverbond, a multiplayer dungeon crawling adventure with emphasis on destroying anything and everything on screen.

It's described as a 4-player couch co-op game, and it also features crossovers from several other franchises in the form of character skins. These include Shovel Knight (from, you guessed it, Shovel Knight), a cameo from Enter the Gungeon, and the hero of Guacamelee, among others.

Two new titles that didn't get much mention are Predator: Hunting Grounds and Away: The Survival Series. The former is a multiplayer shooter developed by Illfonic and Fox Studios.

The latter places players in the fur of what looks like a flying squirrel with badger somewhere in the family tree. Players are tasked with navigating a world beset with natural disasters and enemies around every corner.

There's a new limited edition PlayStation 4 in the works as well, tying in with Sony's Days of Play campaign. More information about that will be released in June as well.


This month's episode might have been short, but it certainly shows the PlayStation 4 has a lot of life in it yet, despite Sony's next-gen console being in the works.


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Published Jan. 31st 2020

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