New State of Play Coming with Details on MediEvil Remake

Sony's latest broadcast will also include information and announcements about other upcoming PS4 titles, but don't set your heart on PS5 announcements too.

Sony announced that the next installment of its new State of Play presentation series will air May 9 at 3 p.m. PDT/6 p.m. EDT.

According to Sony's Social Media Director Sid Shuman, the episode is expected to be fairly brief, approximately 10 minutes long. It will primarily focus on information about the long-awaited MediEvil remake from Sony Worldwide Studios, with an "extended look" promised. However, other PS4 announcements and information about upcoming PS4 games will be included as well.

Shuman also said fans shouldn't get their hopes up about anything related to Sony's next-gen efforts (conspicuously not calling it PlayStation 5 still). Nothing will be mentioned about that.

The MediEvil remake was announced two years ago, and since then, fans haven't really heard much about it apart from a few tidbits. The first came from SWS Chairman Shawn Layden, when he confirmed the game was a full remake, not just a remaster. 

SWS is partnering with Other Ocean Interactive to build the game in the same ethos as the original. Unlike Spyro: Reignited Trilogy, which some might say was faithful to a fault, the remake is only built on the bones of the original game. That includes some key art directions and general designs, but is expected to be a full re-imagining on whole — though what exactly that entails remains a mystery until May 9.

MediEvil is one of the PlayStation 1's more niche titles that was often overlooked in the glut of 3D action adventure games that flooded the market during that generation. Nevertheless, it garnered a devoted following, earning its lovable dead protagonist, Sir Daniel Fortesque, his own fanbase in the process.

His part in the upcoming State of Play episode seems to suggest Sony is forging a unique identity for its new broadcast initiative as well.

Where Nintendo Directs will often focus on multiple big and small announcements, as the first SoP did, Sony looks to be steering away from that, favoring more focused mini-blasts of information about highly anticipated titles instead.

The new State of Play episode can be viewed on , , , and


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Published May. 6th 2019

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