Weekly Weekend Round-Up: Mar. 13th - Mar. 15th

Games that may take some time away this weekend. A round up of some games that you may enjoy.

Although there seems to be a drought of new releases this weekend gamers need to find a way to relax while playing games. This may seem like a task, but time could be spent playing older releases or games that are on sale. This is a small list that may be on the to play list this week.

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 is a game that has had a lot of successful reviews since the launch. Gamers have recently seen sales through multiple retailers making this a top choice for a recently picked up title. Far Cry 4 has already seen DLC making extra gameplay if you wanted to spend the extra cash. 


Titanfall is a game that a lot of people were not extremely impressed with. However, to celebrate the one year anniversary of the game the season pass is free on the Xbox One, 360, and PC. This will likely bring old players back to the game for at least long enough to explore the new areas and modes that are available. 

Counter Spy

Counter Spy is available on the PS4 as a Playstation Plus title. This game is a nice form of a 2D shooter. It has beautiful elements of 3D implemented into it though. As you scroll through the level you are able to hide behind some over and aim down the aisles that the guards reside in. Players must make their way silently through the levels to avoid raising the defcon level.

Although these games are not overwhelmingly exciting they should at least have a second glance. The weekend may not be too eventful, but this small list is likely to have a game that will have a minor part of a weekend. What will you be playing this weekend? Comment below.

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Published Mar. 13th 2015

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