Curse of the Dead Gods: Eagle Temple Champion Weapons Unlock Guide

Here are the special requirements to unlock the Eagle Temple champion weapons in Curse of the Dead Gods.

Like any good temple of doom, there are plenty of secrets hidden away in Curse of the Dead Gods. One of the best ways to make your way through this roguelike's deadly traps is by unlocking Forsaken Weaponry. If you're here, you're wondering how to unlock the champion weapons in the Eagle Temple. 

Our Curse of the Dead Gods guide below tells you how to unlock them all. Keep in mind that each weapon only has a 20% drop rate when you complete its requirement, so you'll probably need to make multiple runs to snag them.

Before we jump in, it's worth noting that most Forsaken Weaponry is unlocked by spending Jade Rings in the entryway of the temple before starting a new run. You can view your unlocked weapons by standing on the central circle in front of the temple entrance and tabbing over one menu from the Blessings tab.

Not every weapon can be unlocked with Jade Rings, however. Some have special requirements to unlock them, usually involving accomplishing a certain action during a boss fight. 

How to Get Each Eagle Temple Champion Weapon 

Effulgence, Harbinger of Yaatz

You'll have your chance to unlock this powerful bow during battles with K'ax Taca, High Lord of the Storm, one of the bosses of the Eagle Temple. To get this elemental weapon, you must time your killing blow perfectly.

The unlock requirement for Effulgence is that you must finish off the boss while it is performing a channeled lightning beam attack. Wait until it is firing the lightning at you, dodge around it, and hit K'ax Taca while the attack is still happening.

If you do it right, there's a 20% chance the boss will drop the bow when it is defeated. If it doesn't, you'll have to repeat the same tactic on your next run through the Eagle Temple.

Effulgence, Harbinger of Yaatz is a two-handed weapon that deals base 13 damage and has lightning attacks. Use your Special Dodge ability after firing a shot for an additional shot at the same enemy.

Sunderer, Fist of Doom

This weapon can be unlocked when you battle Malok Paal, the Flesh Monstrosity. To get your hands on this shield, you must goad Malok Paal into using its dash attack.

The unlock requirement for Sunderer, Fist of Doom is that you must perform five perfect dodges against Malok Paal's charge attack in a single battle

The easiest way to do this is to maintain a medium distance from the boss (about the same distance you'd need to hit it with a whip or throwing knife attack). When the boss winds up to execute its dash attack, execute a perfect dodge, dodging into the boss just as it would hit you. Perfect dodges restore a bit of stamina, so you should be able to recognize if you've executed one properly.

If you do this correctly, there's a 20% chance the shield will drop. If it doesn't, you'll have to do another run through the Eagle Temple.

Sunderer, Fist of Doom can be one of the most effective weapons in the game with the correct build. It has base 30 damage, and both simple attacks and off-hand combo attacks summon a stone fist out of a portal, dealing huge damage to enemies. To compensate for the weapon's power, these attacks drain one stamina each. 


And that's how you unlock all of the Eagle Temple champion weapons in Curse of the Dead Gods. After few runs (hopefully), and you'll be able to take these weapons on subsequent excursions, making the path to the temple's riches much easier than it would have been otherwise. If you're looking for more tips, consider heading over to our guides hub for this indie roguelike


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Published Mar. 9th 2021

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