Angry Birds Epic Guide: How to Get Lucky Coins, Snoutlings, and Essence of Friendship For Free

Keeping your angry birds in top fighting shape can get pricey if you let it! Here are some tips to avoid dipping into your real life wallet for in-game currency!

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If you have never gotten into the Angry Birds franchise before, you just might be able to do it now. 

Angry Birds Epic is the latest and hottest turn-based RPG to hit the mobile market. No longer are you flinging these familiar disgruntled fowl at buildings - now they are each full-fledged fighters out to reclaim their eggs, free their friends, and battle bottle-green pigs with pointy sticks and nasty spells.

Now if you know anything about freemium free-to-play games, you will recognize the signs - what looks like a free-to-play game that encourages micro-transactions throughout gameplay.

In Angry Birds Epic, real money can be exchanged for: 

  • Lucky Coins: Used to buy special in-game items (e.g. the Golden Chili) and upgrade your Magic Anvil and Cauldron.
  • Snoutlings: Used to buy ingredients, item blueprints, and when crafting potion ingredients.
  • Essence of Friendship: Used to re-roll when crafting/spinning the loot wheel after a battle.

But you don't need to pay to play!

Unlike fellow mobile game giant Candy Crush, you don't lose any "lives" when you don't finish a battle or want to re-fight the battle for a higher star score which makes it much easier to play without paying!

(In fact, you even get consolation prizes of Snoutlings or ingredients when you lose!)

How to get more Lucky Coins!

I won't lie, Lucky Coins are the hardest currency to get your hands on (especially later on in the game) if you don't buy them. The game gives you quite a stock in the earlier stages to encourage you to spend them and want more. 

In just two or three sessions of play, you can earn about 60-70 Lucky Coins - more than halfway to your first big Lucky Coin purchase!

Here are some ways for you to earn Lucky Coins:

  • You receive 1 Lucky Coin every time you level up.
  • Work with your Facebook friends to unlock Gates that will lead to Treasure Chests.
  • Fight the Golden Pig every day with three stars to increase your chances of winning the Treasure Chest. If you play every day, your Lucky Coin reward increases!

(see How to Get 3 Stars Every Time for tips on getting 3 stars every day!)

This Golden Pig will fly around the map every day and float around the bottom of your map screen. When you see him, tap on him to initiate the fight!

How to get more Snoutlings!

Snoutlings are much easier to get in game, and you probably won't even be tempted to buy these from the cash shop. 

You earn Snoutlings when:

  • You defeat an enemy in a fight.
  • You finish a battle and win!
  • You finish a battle and lose. 
  • You win a Treasure Chest from fighting the Golden Pig
  • You can also buy Snoutlings using Lucky Coins.

How to get more Lesser Essence of Friendship!

There are several ways to get more Lesser Essence of Friendship, but unfortunately most of these are one-time use only.

  • Connect your account to Facebook.
  • Connect Angry Birds Epic to your Rovio account. (5 pieces)
  • Trade in your Lucky Coins.
  • Get your friends involved - you can receive 1 Lesser Essence of Friendship every day per Facebook friend.

This last step is probably the easiest way to acquire these useful heart-shaped gems, and is repeatable, so follow these simple steps to keep a steady supply of them.

How to share free Friendship Essence!

  1. While on your main map, tap the yellow button in the bottom right corner or the nest at the very beginning of the Piggy Island map.
  2. Make sure that all your accounts are signed in. Tap the totem (the pole on the left) where it will prompt you if any accounts are not synced to Angry Birds Epic to enter your login details.
  3. If you are signed in, a window may pop up that says "Mailbox" or "Messages." This is the screen that will show you if any of your friends have answered your request and given you a Friendship Essence! Press the red X button on the top right to close this box.
  4. If connected properly, you will see a list of all your Facebook friends.
  5. At the bottom of this screen is a big long button that tells you to ask your friends for Friendship Essence. Press it!
  6. The button will disappear until the next day. That's it, you've asked all your friends that currently play Angry Birds Epic! If they accept, they will give you one free Friendship Essence, and at no charge to them. 

You now have a few tips to collect all the in-game currency you need without paying any real money!

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