The six best free slots mobile games (that don't require any real money!)

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Slots Huuuge Casino

The name is obnoxious, and the ads are equally over the top, but some of the best animations and imagery in mobile slot gaming are found in this fun Greek mythology-themed game.

While many games stick in the hundreds or thousands of digital credits, Huuuge Casino ups the ante and starts you with 50,000 – and gives you an extra 10,000 every 10 minutes! The bigger numbers create a higher stakes feel, as most bets start at a minimum of 2,500.

While a level progression system is implemented here, you get slot machines themes around Zeus, Aphrodite, and Dionysus right off the bat. After getting a feel for the game and earning some credits, the VIP Riches Of Cleopatra room provides big wins by completing a range of challenges, but the minimum bet is a whopping 100,000!

If you're feeling lucky, grab this one for free through the Google Play store here.

Published Jan. 4th 2016

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