X-Com: Enemy Within Council Mission Guide: Fishing Village

A new Council Mission releases hordes of the Chrysallids....

The first new Council Mission from the XCOM: Enemy Within expansion that I encountered was a little trip to St. Johns, a little fishing village with a nasty problem. The town went dark. A rescue crew was sent in. They lost contact as well. Now it's up to you, the guys with the guns, to figure it out.

When you first arrive, you can explore a few buildings or move down the docks alongside the boats. In the first few buildings, there are zombies, a glaring indicator that Chryssalids are in the area. Keep moving down the docks away from the Skyranger. You will only encounter Chryssalids and zombies. Chitin plating and medpacks would be your best equipment choices for this mission.

After killing your first few zombies, the objectives will update and tell you to find the source of the "infestation" of aliens. You will find a large fish hanging on the docks that will spawn a Chryssalid, but you will have plenty of forewarning. Keep moving up the docks. You will find a large fishing vessel at the end.

Make sure you have a quick and durable squaddie available to run across the top of the ship. The more hit points, the better. I suggest a Support class with the extra 3 space movement. You do have one of those, don't you? You can reach the top of the ship by several boards that have fallen onto the front of the ship or climbing up the side. The closer he can get to the bridge before your squad sees the inside of the ship, the better. The bridge is on the end of the ship farthest away from the docks. 

When you see the ships interior, you will find a whale inside. The aliens are using it as a breeding ground. Each round after you find the whale, a Chryssalid will spawn from it. After a few more turns, they will start to spawn from other sharks in the ship and on the docks. A few more turns and multiples will spawn from the whale each turn. They are already tough to deal with a few at a time. You aren't expected to actually fight them all off.

Once you have seen the whale, you will get word that XCOM intends to give this fishing village the ol' Raccoon City treatment and blow it sky-high. Your team member running across the top of the vessel needs to hit the controls in the bridge and a timer for the air strike will start.

Once the timer is set, RUN. You may have to fight off a few of the Chryssalids on your way back to the extraction point, but you need to constantly move back towards your skyranger. If you move all of your squad as fast as they can go, they shouldn't get attacked since the Chryssalids are using both of their actions to move. Even if you get stabbed, you'll be better off to keep going than to try and heal up. As soon as you get the whole squad into the extraction point, the mission should end and show you an animation of the fireworks display.

Possible bug?

I play the game on the PC. When I completed the mission, I got the  usual mission complete screen AND the warning that one of my squad members was outside of the extraction zone and would be lost. Clicking the buttons on the screen didn't do anything. After pressing keys in desperation, I found pressing ENTER seemed to do the trick. I did not lose the squad member it claimed was outside the extraction zone.

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Published Aug. 25th 2017
  • Fredrik_4382
    I came in unprepared and unaware of the situation, sent in the best of the best, Zhang being one of them.
    He sacrificed his old life for the sake of humanity's survival, volunteering to the gene-modification project. He took point while the rest of the squad laid an ambush around the ship's debris. Inside he faced a most horrid scene and was forced to run atop the stairs from inside to counter-measure the nightmare brewing inside. The other squad members never got any specific details on the situation. They got but a few words of warning from the brave soldier now pushing his limits to reach the bridge of the ship, surrounded by bug-faced chryssalids. The sniper tried to cover him as best as he could but they overwhelmed him. As his final act of heroism he triggered the signal for the air-strike, sacrificing his new life for the lives of his brothers and sisters in arms.
    The whole squad retreated back to the skyranger but one, the sniper, Major Samuel "Alpha" Adhara. Zhang's first and best friend, laid in wait, aiming for the finishing blow to secure Zhang's demise. Granting him the mercy of an honorable death!
    Four out of five soldiers made it safely back home and the last wish of Zhang was fulfilled.

    Great guide! Too bad I didn't read it until after the mission.
  • Keenan_3999
    Hey, can someone help me? I can't seem to finish the mission because I manage to get my soldier to the extraction zone but when the cutscene is triggered then the game freezes. Just a black screen with no audio. Any fix for this? I should also mention that some of the aliens also reach the extraction zone, too, so that may possibly be the problem. I'm playing on ironman so there's no other saves I can use. Please help!
  • Landon Sommer
    I'm not sure if it's related to the issue I had. I was able to press the Enter key and it moved on like nothing was wrong. I didn't have a black screen though, mine was just telling me I had a soldier outside the extraction zone. Hopefully, someone here has seen your issue and can help. I haven't gotten this mission since I did this tutorial, seems like it could be a rare mission.
  • Keenan_3999
    Yeah, I've started a new game now and I'm doing a lot better than that run-through. If I get that mission again then I'm just going to ignore it. Thanks for replying, anyways. It's a game-breaking issue and I really hope they resolve it or there's already a fix for it out there but until then I'm just going to avoid that mission.
  • Jason_1616
    This was a tough mission and so intense but incredibly fun at the same time. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started it so I brought along a squadie Sniper and low level Heavy. I almost brought a rookie. I triggered the whale spawns before I even had a squad member on top of the ship and it was a mad scramble from there.

    I managed to get through only losing one character. It sucks that said character was my ace sniper and highest level player in the game. R.I.P. Lt. "Demon" Cheng, she saved the lives of 3 troops in that mission with clutch sniper shots. I almost lost my MEC, too. One more hit on her would have been the end of the road.

    That run to the transponder and then back to the EVAC point was one of the most intense gaming experiences I've ever had.
  • DonShot_1252
    Good Mission very hard i think, i only have 3 rekrut a mec and one good soldier, i must try it again tommorow
  • Landon Sommer
    I just played it a second time with a much more experienced team. The MEC trooper helped a lot with proximity mines.
  • Billzy
    This was an amazing level - i wasnt ready for how it turned out and i went in with 6 strong players and idea it would be a hit and run mission.. I lost 4.. 4 good men :( I think i went into the ship to early and was fighting crysalids off before i even set the timer going to get out of there... The chase back to the ship was intense!
  • Landon Sommer
    My runner got hit on the way back. I just kept running. I'm surprised he lived.

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