Stuck on the Bless Splash Screen? Here's How to (Maybe) Get Past It

You might be able to push through Bless Online's title screen. Maybe.

Bless Online is not exempt from the typical launch woes every MMORPG sees, even now in its pre-Early Access state. Servers under heavy strain aren't fun for anyone. What kind of fun can you have if you can't even play the game, right?

The biggest issue that has been plaguing Bless Online since it entered the Founders' headstart to Early Access has been players getting stuck on the title screen. Launch game, get stuck on title screen. Exit. Rinse and repeat: That's the Bless way right now for a lot of players. The rest, well ... they haven't logged out.

There isn't much you can do if you're stuck at the Bless splash screen. You may bounce between forum posts or the subreddit trying to find a solution to get you into the game, but the fact is no one has found a catch-all method to push past the screen.

As it stands, there is no confirmed way to get around this problem. There are a few things you can try that have worked for some other players once or twice, though:

  • Running the game as administrator - Some players have gotten past the splash screen by going to the game directory, right-clicking on "BlessLauncher.exe", and then choosing to run the game as administrator. You can also try doing this with "Bless.exe"
  • Adding the game as an exception to your firewall - Some have gotten past the title screen by ensuring their firewall is not blocking the game

These are two options, but they are not guaranteed to get you into the game. Don't get disappointed if they don't work.

The current theory is that the game does a server check when loading, which is when you see the title screen. If the game does not get a response from the server, the attempt is cancelled, and you (the player) are left hanging on a pretty screen with no functions.

There is actually one way to get around this whole issue, and it's not fun: Just close and relaunch until it lets you in.

The only way to push through if the above semi-options don't work for you is to just keep trying. If you get stuck on the screen for a minute or two, just close the game and relaunch to try again.

If Bless Online is only doing a single server check when you launch the game while the servers are under strain, no amount of sitting at the title screen is going to get you into the game. You have to manually attempt to force the game to let you in by relaunching. There is no other way, outside of trying to set the game to admin and allowing it through your firewall.

To compound this mess, the current server queues are long, and the game itself is reportedly lag-riddled on certain servers. So not only are you going to be relaunching over and over, you're going to get in and sit in queue for a few hours on top of it.

This is all happening with Bless Online in its pre-Early Access stage. Tomorrow the game will enter "full" Early Access, and with it will come a new wave of server troubles and other issues. Getting stuck in queues is a normal part of the MMO launch experience, sure. But getting stuck on the splash screen before the game even actually enters its unofficial beta period, with the guarantee of more problems to come? I'm not sure if it's worth getting in over the first week.

Bless Online enters Early Access tomorrow, which publisher Neowiz states in the Steam Early Access description will last somewhere within a year. Only time will tell if this game will get whipped into shape.

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Published May. 29th 2018

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