So, Did Titanfall Convince You to Purchase an Xbox One?

Has the well-received game prompted a boost in Xbox One sales?

Yes, the game is also available on the Xbox 360 and PC. However, not everyone has a good enough gaming PC to handle the game (and many don't want to pay for such a rig), and others simply haven't made the next-gen leap yet.

So, has the recently released and well-received Titanfall finally convinced you to pick up Microsoft's new console? For an experience like that, you want the better hardware, right? You don't want to waste it on the 360, do you (no offense to those who are currently playing on the older console)?

It does appear as if Titanfall has already given the Xbox One a boost.

Are February numbers indicative of the Titanfall effect?

Possibly. According to the NPD results for February, the PlayStation 4 was once again the best-selling console in the US, but only by a "narrow margin." Nothing particularly special happened in terms of exclusive software releases during the month, so it's feasible that many of the Xbox One sales were in preparation for Titanfall.

Consumers like to wait until there's at least one huge title on the immediate horizon before they plunk down $500. Well, actually, it's more than $500, once you consider warranties, extra controllers, other accessories, games, etc. In short, it's a large purchase. You want to feel justified in that purchase. And a game like Respawn's latest gem might be just what you needed...

Is that one game enough to warrant an Xbox One purchase?

Some will say no, just because it is indeed available on the 360 and PC. Others will say no because one game isn't enough (I'm one of them). However, the launch lineup wasn't that bad, as Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3 were well worth playing. Besides, we've seen several multiplatform releases since then that could be worth the money, depending on your gaming preferences.

So, it's not like the Xbox One "only" has Titanfall. That being said, it's fair to say that it was far and away the most anticipated title for Microsoft's new console. Maybe you wanted it badly enough. Maybe when the March numbers come in, we'll find that the Xbox One vaulted over the PS4 for the first time this generation.

Don't underestimate inFamous: Second Son

I would like to add that a PS4 exclusive (which is not available on PC or PS3) drops next week, and it's nothing to be sneezed at. It's the new inFamous and a great many PlayStation fans have been waiting for it. There's little chance it'll sell as well as Titanfall, given the gigantic fanbase for shooters, but it might boost PS4 sales. If it does, it'll be interesting to see those March numbers...

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Published Mar. 14th 2014
  • Logan_4642
    Nothing has really sold me on the Xbox One just yet. I've been happily enjoying Infamous: Second Son on my PS4, as well as the free games that PS+ has supplied me since launch.
  • AdamHowlet
    I ALMOST bought an XboxOne for Titanfall... but then I just bought it for PC instead. Instant $440 savings.
  • Mike_6146
    Ryse Son of Rome
    Project Spark
    Forza Motorsport 5

    Most time I play/create in Project Spark
  • teufel_6841
    Nope, sorry but it would take much more than a online only FPS game like that to get me to buy a system that forces a camera and mic into my home that you cant shut off unless you unplug it.

    Maybe if MS got off their bums and put in the single chip/board that would enable Xbox360 games to play on their system I might consider it.
  • lester _6123
    i did see about 30+ consoles bought while i was in line on the midnight release of the titanfall game in a low traffic gamestop i think it did move units.

    i think the console as a whole is a great deal especially if you love their exclusives.
  • Derp_1264
    Bought a ps4 day one, wanted DriveClub, it was delayed and not really a nothing else out this year that I wanted, Infamous looks repetitive and The Order, if not delayed, looks like a pretty Gears clone.

    So knowing that I will probably get a ps4 next year, traded it in for an xb1 titanfall bundle and couldn't be happier. After researching it's exclusives coming out and getting in,the Project Spark beta, it's awesome, and I should have bought one on release day. Kinect is pretty amazing too, just an all around feature rich experience. I'm very glad I did the gamespot trade as a lot of others did, gaming is good.
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    I'm sorry, but to say The Order is a "Gears clone" is just beyond ridiculous. And I can't imagine why you'd spend over $400 on something and get rid of it when you plan on buying it AGAIN in 2014...why not just keep it?

    And I'm not even sure you've played an inFamous based on that comment.
  • obliviondoll
    Ryse almost sold me on X1. If Titanfall was actually exclusive, the two of them would have been enough for me. As it stands, my PC is overdue for an upgrade anyway, so Titanfall has sold me on a few extra upgrades instead.
  • GrampyBones
    No, my 5 year old PC runs it just fine
  • Anthony_5766
    i say go for the system you think you would enjoy the most=). i think titanfall will boost sells, afterall fps is the thing right.
  • Anthony_5766
    i say go for the system you think you would enjoy the most=). i think titanfall will boost sells, afterall fps is the thing right.
  • Anthony_5766
    i say go for the system you think you would enjoy the most=). i think titanfall will boost sells, afterall fps is the thing right.

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