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With the release of the newest Hearthstone expansion, The Boomsday Project, Blizzard decided to improve the Arena experience as well. From now on the number of class cards appearing in drafts will be increased. On the other hand, the rate of cards that have been appearing far too often will be decreased by 50%.

The developers say that this will diversify the meta game, and will make players use more skill instead of pure luck. For this reason, it is now important to filter out the best class cards that can be used in actually skillful ways on Arena.

Follow our guide for the best Arena cards from The Boomsday Project, including:

  • 6 common cards
  • 7 rare cards
  • 2 epic cards


This new Mech is very similar in design to Dire Mole, a Hunter class minion that had the same stats for one mana ,which was drafted and played in every Hunter Arena deck. But Glow-Tron is strictly better due to the Magnetic keyword that allows it to buff other Mechs in play.

Arena players will also be looking to play this card not only in Mech-based decks, simply because, as already mentioned, the statline is just too good on its own for such low cost.

Menacing Nimbus

Currently, Earthen Might, a spell that buffs an Elemental and puts another Elemental in your hand, sees a lot of play on Arena. Nimbus is just like Earthen Might but attached to a body, which at times is even more convenient in case when you don't have an Elemental on board.

It can give you another small Elemental, but at times it may give you something really powerful. So pick this up whenever you see it in your draft, as it will generate more value for your Arena deck the more copies of it you manage to get.



Poisonous is one of the most valuable keywords in Hearthstone Arena. That's why cards like Emperor Cobra, Giant Wasp and Stoneskin Basilisk see play in almost every Arena deck.

Now combine it with the Magnetic effect, and you get Venomizer. This Hunter class Mech is going to be everywhere from now on. And if you can combine it with another new card, Missile Launcher, then you can potentially clear the board each turn.

Doubling Imp

Here is a classical 2-for-1 effect that can be buffed for even more powerful turns with such cards like Soul Infusion and Void Analyst. It also conveniently sets up two bodies on board for Fungalmancer that will turn it into two 4/4's.

Warlock is already a top-tier class on Arena, and with cards like Doubling Imp it'll only get stronger. Blizzard could make it at least a rare card just to keep the draft numbers lower, but with it being a common, you'll surely be seeing multiple copies in each deck.



Druid players also get a 2-for-1 card, but this time in the form of a spell. It means that you will not be able to buff it while in hand. However, it still works just fine in combination with Fungalmancer.

This card should also be auto-included in all decks that build around Mulchmuncher, a giant minion that costs less for each Treant that died during a match-up. And unlike Doubling Imp, Landscaping has the right to be a common card, since it's only a spell.

Spring Rocket

The best types of cards on Arena are reactive cards. Spring Rocket is an excellent reactive card, which can take care of an early 3/2 enemy drop. Also, it's a Mech that can be buffed next turn with the help of Magnetic effect.

It's very similar to Disciple of C'thun, which was very good on Arena prior to rotation, and it looks like Spring Rocket will follow in the same footsteps.


Omega Assembly

Imagine having no cards in hand at the latter stages of the match-up and drawing Omega Assembly. If you have ten mana crystals, you will be able to add three Mechs to your hand.

In short, Omega Assembly can win you the game -- that's how strong this card is. Of course, it all depends on the types of Mechs you get, but there is a potential for something really powerful to happen.

And if you draw it early in the game, you can use it flexibly and Discover one of the Mechs for your next turn.

Astral Rift

Think of this card as draw two minions for two mana. Great stuff right here! Again, the RNG element can give you either something very good or bad, but most likely the average outcome is what you should be looking for.

What's great about cards like Astral Rift is that they can give you a lethal outcome or some healer, when you're low on life. In any case, it'll perfectly fit into any Arena Mage deck.


Necrium Blade

The best case scenario for Necrium Blade is combining it with Carnivorous Cube, but it's not going to happen too often on Arena dute to Cube's epic rarity. Nevertheless, this weapon will do good with any other deathrattle cards, especially Devilsaur Egg and Mechanical Whelp.

Rogue also has the ability to destroy a weapon if you wish by simply activating your hero power without waiting two turns before triggering a required deathrattle effect. This puts Necrium Blade on top of the list among all Rogue weapons in Arena.

Omega Medic

The basic stats of Omega Medic are good enough to draft this card every time you see it. A 3/4 body for three mana is the classical Tank Spider that was one of the most popular cards on Arena.

The Omega effect on top makes it an instant bomb that can be played as a powerful healing card after reaching ten mana crystals. Otherwise, just slam it on curve and let it dominate the rest of the 3-drops.

Spider Bomb

Here is another card that synergizes extremely well with Carnivorous Cube. But you can exploit this card's deathrattle in other ways. For example, with the help of such spells like Play Dead and Terrorscale Stalker you can kill more than one enemy minion.

The only drawback here is that you can't choose the targets, but that would probably make the card too OP. In the current form it's still very good, and will surely see a lot of play in many Hunter Arena decks.

Giggling Inventor

Annoy-o-tron, anybody? How about two Annoy-o-trons? Giggling Inventor will definitely be annoying, and possibly turn out to be the best neutral card for Arena in The Boomsday Project.

Just think about it: you need to hit it four time before you can do anything else. And that is disgusting! There is one card on Arena that can quickly deal with it though -- Mossy Horror. But it's an epic card, so be prepared for some annoying encounters with Giggling Inventor.

Tending Tauren

Veteran Hearthstone players know the card named Cenarius very well. It's a legendary minion that has similar effect to Tending Tauren. But look at this: Tending Tauren is a rare card that costs three less mana than Cenarius, making it possible to draft more than one copy on Arena.

This alone makes the card highly desirable during each and every upcoming Druid Arena drafts. Just like Landscaping it synergizes well with Mulchmuncher, or you could just buff your board and win.

Omega Defender

Fortunately or unfortunately, epic cards are extremely rare in Hearthstone Arena. So if you get one, make sure that it's super strong. And by the looks of it, the epic Omega cards from The Boomsday Project are the strongest.

Even without the Omega effect, Omega Defender is a totally playable card on Arena. Who wouldn't want a 2/6 taunt minion for four mana? But everyone will most likely just try to wait and play it on turn ten for that huge power buff of +10 Attack.

Omega Agent

Unsurprisingly, the last card in our Arena tier list is another Omega card -- Omega Agent. It's very similar in design to Mithril Spellstone, a 7-mana Warrior spell that summoned three 5/5 minions, that had a huge success on Arena. But this one costs five mana, which makes it a lot more attractive.

Omega Agent is not amazing on curve, but will be extremely hard to remove on turn ten. And that's exactly how you want to play it!


That is all for the best Arena cards from The Boomsday Project, and for other Hearthstone guides at GameSkinny, please see the links below:

Published Aug. 3rd 2018


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