Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How to Find Hot Spring Stones

This is the shortest way to Hot Spring and back, and the quickest way to complete the Treasure in the Steam quest in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

There are plenty of optional Master Rank quests in Monster Hunter World: Icebrone. However, the one that requires you to bring Hot Spring stones to a vendor is especially hard to complete without knowing a few tricks. Completing the quest could earn you over 9,000 Zenny, which isn't such a bad deal. 

Follow the steps below for the exact location of Hot Spring stones, and how to deliver them without too much trouble.

Hot Spring location in Area 13 of the Monster Hunter World Iceborne map.

Step 1: Enter the Hot Spring

You can start this quest after reaching Master Rank 13.

The Treasure in the Steam delivery quest has several limitations. First, you only have 50 minutes to finish the quest. Second, you can only have three faints.

With that in mind, you need to find the shortest way to Hot Spring and back. Here's the fastest route: 

  1. Select Camp 12 as your spawn point 
  2. Use vines to climb up the frozen walls toward Quadrant 13
  3. Equip the Ghillie Mantle, which will protect you from monsters
  4. Enter the Hot Spring with steamy stones (in the southeastern portion of the map above)

You will find stones scattered all over the spring. Pick one up and carry it back to Camp 5.

Step 2: Deliver the Stones

Most camps require you to crawl through a narrow passage in order to meet the vendor. However, you can't crawl while carrying a heavy stone. That is why Camp 5 is your only choice for delivering a stone, as it is the only camp that can be entered by climbing up vines.

  1. Approach the gates at Camp 5
  2. Look to your right
  3. Locate a frozen wall with vines
  4. Climb up the wall carrying a Hot Spring stone
  5. Deliver the stone to a vendor

Since the Treasure in the Steam quest requires you to bring two stones, you will have to repeat the steps twice. If you've done everything right, the quest shouldn't take you longer than 20-30 minutes to complete.


That's it on how to deliver the Hot Spring stones to Camp 5 and complete the Treasure in the Steam quest. For more Monster Hunter World guides, check out the list below:


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Published Jan. 15th 2020

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