Best Monster Hunter World Iceborne Longsword Builds

These three longsword builds for Iceborne can be considered the best, and are formidable in the hands of both fresh and experienced hunters.

The Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World is now available on PC. It not only adds new story elements and one of the biggest maps in the game, but also a lot of new quests, monsters, moves, and a higher Master Rank difficulty. With all this comes new gear, and of course new builds to strive for.

This guide will help you combine the three best longswords in Monster Hunter: World Iceborne with the best armor pieces and create the three ultimate builds in the game. Check them all out and find the one that fits your taste the most.

Wyvern Blade Luna Build

Wyvern Blade Luna is the best and most powerful DPS longsword in the game. It requires you to farm Gold Rathian, which drops the following items required for crafting Wyvern Blade Luna:

  • 3x Gold Rathian Surspike
  • 5x Gold Rathian Shard
  • 4x Gold Rathian Cortex
  • 1x Rath Gleam
  • 80000x Zenny

The following build relies strongly on the Kaiser set and poison damage of the Wyvern Blade Luna:

  • Charms:
    • Attack Charm 4
  • Mantles:
    • Rocksteady Mantle
    • Temporal Mantle
Armor Decorations
Kaiser Crown Beta Challenger/Vitality Jewel 4
Golden Lune Mail Beta Charger/Vitality Jewel 4; Critical Jewel 2; Vitality Jewel 1
Kaiser Vambraces Beta Expert Jewel 4; Tenderizer Jewel 2
Kaiser Coil Beta Charger/Protection Jewel 4; 2x Critical Jewel 2
Garuga Greaves Beta Challenger/Vitality Jewel 4


Hellish Slasher Build

This amazing longsword can only be crafted by upgrading the Divine Slasher sword and completing Master Rank Arena and Challenges. In order to upgrade your sword to the Hellish Slasher level you will need:

  • 1x Hero King Coin (Zinogre)
  • 2x Glavenus Coin
  • 2x Nargacuga Coin 
  • 2x Banbaro Coin
  • 56000x Zenny

Since Hellish Slasher has dragon damage, it is recommended to combine it with the fire element using the following armor pieces for your build:

  • Charms:
    • Attack Charm 4
  • Mantles:
    • Rocksteady Mantle
    • Temporal Mantle
Armor Decorations
Golden Headdress Beta Expert Jewel 4; Vitality Jewel 1
Rex Roar Mail Beta Satiated/Handicraft Jewel 4; Vitality Jewel 1
Drachen Vambraces Alpha Critical Jewel 2; Elementless Jewel 2
Ruinous Coil Alpha
Draw Jewel 2; Expert Jewel 1
Garuga Greaves Beta Mighty/Vitality Jewel IV; 2x Critical Jewel 2


Radiant Flow Build

Radiant Flow is another excellent longsword, which can be placed somewhere in between Wyvern Blade Luna's damage capabilities and Hellish Slasher's dragon damage.

It can be crafted from materials dropped by Shara Ishvalda:

  • 4x Shara Ishvalda Tenderclaw
  • 6x Shara Ishvalda Tenderscale
  • 2x Shara Ishvalda Tenderplate
  • 1x Shara Ishvalda Gem

This sword can be combined with the Teostra set, which is basically a Kaiser set with some extra augments:

  • Charms:
    • Handicraft Charm 4
  • Mantles:
    • Rocksteady Mantle
    • Temporal Mantle
Armor Decorations
Teostra Headdress Beta Fortitude/Handicraft Jewel 4
Kirin Mail Alpha
Handicraft Jewel 3; Tenderizer Jewel 2
Teostra Vambraces Beta
Satiated/Attack Jewel 4; Critical Jewel 2
Teostra Coil Beta
Critical Jewel 2; Attack Jewel 1
Yian Garuga Greaves Beta Elementless Jewel 2; Critical Jewel 2; Tenderizer Jewel 2



That's it for the best longsword builds in the Iceborne expansion, and for more Monster Hunter World guides, check out the list below:


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Published Jan. 10th 2020

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