Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty — Morale and Fortitude Explained

Understanding these unique systems and how they synergize is crucial to progressing in Wo Long.

On its surface Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty looks a whole lot like Sekiro or Team Ninja's previous Nioh games. Upon closer inspection, there is one major way in which Wo Long sets itself apart from these other action RPGs, and that is in the morale and fortitude systems.

The morale and fortitude mechanics are completely new to Wo Long and therefore might initially confuse some players (especially those who only skimmed the tool tips). However, once you realize how these two work hand in hand, the game will open itself up to you. Here's everything you need to know about morale and fortitude in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

What is Morale in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

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It's best to explain morale first. The number above your health bar is your morale rank, and it's set on a level-by-level basis. Your morale will determine how difficult certain enemies will be relative to your strength. The higher your Morale is, the more damage you can deal to enemies and the less you will take. 

Morale acts as basically a way of leveling from 1 to 20 within a single mission. Your current morale rank determines which enemies you are able to take on, and in which order to complete a mission. The color of an enemy's Morale Rank icon will determine that enemy's threat level, with red being the hardest. 

You earn Morale by fighting enemies and gaining experience that will fill up the circle around your rank. When it fills, you go up a Morale level. Successful Martial Arts, Fatal Strikes, and Spirit attacks will also give you with some Morale.

You can also lose Morale points if you are playing poorly. Getting hit by enemies' Critical Blows will do a number to your total Morale points, and oftentimes even bump you down a rank.

Morale resets to the lowest rank based on your fortitude after you die.The other primary way you raise your morale in Wo Long is by raising your fortitude. 

What is Fortitude in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

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Fortitude is the floor for the lowest Morale rank you can have in a given mission. This means if, for example, your Fortitude rank is 3, when you die and respawn at the last Battle Flag rested at you will come back with 3 Morale.

You can increase your Fortitude in two ways, by finding Battle Flags and Marking Flags. Battle Flags are the checkpoint and bonfire equivalent in Wo Long. They will increase your Fortitude by 2 to 3 Morale ranks when you raise your flag. Marking Flags are off-the-beaten path and often stand behind some optional combat or exploration challenge. Discovering these will only raise your Morale Rank by 1. 

By raising your Fortitude throughout a mission, you will grow strong enough to take on the boss that awaits you at the end. For more tips and guides for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, don't look away. We've got more Wo Long guides, and more to come.

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Published Mar. 3rd 2023

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