5 games that could become eSports in 2016

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Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Hi-Rez Studios

From the makers of SMITE -- an already successful eSport -- Hi-Rez is bringing out a FPS of their own this year. But unlike Overwatch, Paladins focuses on objective-based combat.

Paladins is all about objective control. In this video, two teams are fighting over control points. Whichever team controls the point gets a siege machine. Both teams must work together to either protect or destroy the machine, and whoever destroys the enemy base first wins.

One of biggest reasons why Paladins will be an eSport is just how easy it is to watch.

In just five minutes of watching, I already understood the objective of the match, how to level up a character, and how to tell who is winning. Being able to understand the basics of a game by watching it is crucial for eSports, because viewers need to understand what is going on in order to feel involved. Plus, there is always something to do in matches so it makes the game fun to watch.

Although Paladins is still in beta testing, players can purchase the Founder's Pack for just $19.99. Seems like a great deal for what you get.

Published Mar. 27th 2016

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