Madden 20 Pump Fake: How to do It on PS4, Xbox One, PC

The Madden 20 pump fake can come in handy if you know how and when to use it.

The Madden 20 pump fake. Decent for getting defenses to bite one way before burning them deep the other. It's one of the many intangible weapons in your offensive arsenal, and it can lead to big scores and even bigger wins if used correctly. But how do you pump fake in Madden 20 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC? 

It's really rather simple. 

Madden 20 Pump Fake: How to do It 

You pump fake by double-tapping the button for the receiver you want the defense to bite on. This will bait the defense toward the receiver, opening up another receiver to actually catch the ball. 

The pump fake can be fickle, too. Sometimes you will pump fake and be able to throw to the intended receiver immediately; sometimes, you won't. The input just doesn't seem to register. There's also the risk of double-pumping if you mash the button for the intended receiver too soon after the initial press, which completely throws off the timing of any play. 

Best Routes for the Pump Fake

The fade route is a great way to use pump fake in Madden 20.

The pump fake is best used on a hitch-and-go or any double-move play. It also works well with a deep fade route that gives the receiver enough room along the sideline to create separation. Post routes can also work depending on the defense, as can routes across the middle, though to varying success. 

For most routes, it's best to pump fake early, so your target receiver can put distance between him and the defender. For hitch-and-go and double-move routes, it's best to pump fake when the receiver makes his cut, which typically draws in the whole field. 

Remember that everything constricts on a shorter field, making the pump fake even less useful for longer routes over the 50 and closer to the endzone. 

Best Defense for the Pump Fake

Ideally, the pump fake is best used against deeper zone coverages, such as Cover 3 Match or Cover 4 Palms, where you can bait a defender inside or off double coverage. Using it against man-to-man coverage is difficult at best; the AI secondary doesn't seem to take the bait too often. 

However, though the pump fake can occasionally fool the secondary, it still takes valuable time to pull off. Just as you would be for a play-action pass, be wary of the pass rush when pump faking to avoid a sack. 

QB Superstar Ability: Sleight of Hand

Several Madden 20 QBs have the Sleight of Hand Superstar ability. This gives them a "higher chance of success on pump fakes & double moves." In the Franchise and Exhibition modes, Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers) is the only player that has Sleight of Hand. 

In MUT, you can get various QBs with the ability, such as Patrick Mahomes. 


That's it on the Madden 20 pump fake. For more on the latest entry in the EA football franchise, be sure to check out our other Madden 20 guides, as well as our review

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Published Apr. 23rd 2020

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