How to Dive in CoD WW2

Want to get in on all that diving to prone action you see in multiplayer or zombie mode? We show you how to engage in the epic Call Of Duty dolphin dive on any platform!

Finally shifting away from jet packs and space combat in favor of a boots-on-the-ground experience in the most famous theater of battle of all time, CoD: WWII brought the fan base exactly what they'd been asking for over the years.

Along with that big change on the single-player front, of course the online matches and zombie modes also saw some revamping, including the return of the infamous dolphin dive.

Similar to the power slide, this divisive technique has been around at least since the original Black Ops, arriving in different forms across the franchise's various multiplayer modes.

Some swear by it and find the Call Of Duty dive ability to be an absolute lifesaver, while others don't like the dive downtime or find it to be a cheap way to escape gunfire that's on par with jet packing or that annoying constant jumping move.

 Dolphin diving away from gunfire and explosions to safety (thanks to YouTuber defjnee for the screenshot)

Call Of Duty WW2 Dolphin Diving 

After seeing another player perform that majestic swan dive through the air into safety, the first question on everyone's mind is: How do I dive in Call Of Duty WW2?

Otherwise known as the "dive to prone," this technique is a little tough to pull off if you've never tried before, but it can mean the difference between life and death.

Performing a proper jump dive into the prone position behind cover is slightly different depending on whether you are playing CoD WW2 on console or the PC edition.

WW2 Diving PC 

Because you can change the key bindings on the PC edition of this World War II simulation, the exact key combo to dolphin dive can vary between players. Head into Settings and then the Controls menu, and scroll to the Movement section.

While you'd think the key you are looking for is to crouch or go prone, for the dolphin dive you actually need to use the "change stance" option available on the Windows edition. By default it isn't bound to any key, so you need to set this keyboard option to something like X or C to quickly tap while running.

To initiate a dolphin dive, you need to be in a full-on sprint for a few seconds, then hold the change stance button to dive forward into the prone position. Just pressing the key will only stop you from sprinting and change your stance, so make sure to hold it down instead.

While you could initially dolphin dive repeatedly, one of the patches changed this, so there's now a short cooldown time, and you are unable to immediately fire after diving.

 Diving forward on PC (thanks to Zertehq Yo for the screenshot)

WW2 Diving PS4 / Xbox One

Unlike with the PC edition, you don't need to change a keybinding to dolphin dive on console. Just initiate a sprint, and then hold the button to change stances for your particular console (by default this is B on the Xbox One or Circle on the PS4 controller).

You have to time this move carefully, as it's easy to run out of stamina and hit the button as you are ending a sprint, which just makes you crouch or go prone instead.

Sadly, at the moment, it doesn't appear Call Of Duty WWII will actually be coming to the Switch anytime soon, so there are no diving controls on that platform yet, but we'll update this article if it ever does arrive.


That's all you need to know to perform an epic CoD WW2 dive maneuver in multiplayer! Have you gotten it to work yet? Let us know about your most crazy dolphin dive save so far in the comments below!

You'll soon have even more maps on which to try out the dolphin dive, as after the hilarious limited-time prop hunt event, the "Resistance DLC Pack" lands early on January 30th for PS4 players, then officially arrives a month later for Xbox One and PC players.

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Published Jan. 29th 2018

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