Omegathon - Final Round Winner

The Final Round Of Omegathon At PAX Prime 2013

The Omegathon Final Round was today at PAX. A series of one on one matches in a mystery game with a trip to Tokyo on the line.

Today's matches featured a game called Spy Party. In Spy Party you play a one on one match. The players either play as a spy or a sniper trying to kill that spy. The spy walks around a room filled with people trying to complete objectives while keeping themselves hidden from the sniper. The sniper watches the room full of people waiting for the spy to slip up.

This game is pretty interesting to watch. Sometimes the sniper hits his mark, sometimes the sniper hits an innocent civilian. There were quite a few hits, misses, innocent kills, and curse words thrown around the stage today.

Two Players Entered, Only One Left... To Tokyo

The winner of the Omegathon Final round is Nantucket. He took the win by avoiding the sniper and letting a poor innocent civilian get shot in his stead. After his impressive win in Spy Party he will be receiving an all expenses paid trip for two to the Tokyo Games Show.

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Published Sep. 3rd 2013

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