How to Set Up a Shower in Oxygen Not Included

Learn how to properly connect your Shower and Water Purifier in this guide to Oxygen Not Included.

Having a bathroom with a shower is one of the most important objectives in Oxygen Not Included. It is a necessary tool for cleaning your Duplicants off of such effects as Dirty Hands and Grimy, which may cause various diseases.

This quick guide will help you set up a Shower early in the game, so you will be able to protect your colony from an unwanted stress. Here’s what you need to do!

Setting Up a Shower in Oxygen Not Included

Step 1: Complete Sanitation Sciences Research

As you complete your research of Sanitation Sciences, the Shower box will become active in the Plumbing section of the menu. You can start building it right away, if you already have the 400kg of Raw Metal that is necessary for finishing the construction.

However, things aren’t as simple as they seem, because you will need to find a way to purify the water that will be used in your Shower. There are a few ways how to do it, and one of them is creating a simple funnel that would serve as the water reservoir. But this method is not very effective, so you will need to set up something more sustainable than that.

Step 2: Set Up a Water Purifier

First, you need to make two rooms: one for a Shower and another for the Water Purifier. These two rooms should be placed one above the other, so that Purifier always stays on top of the Shower.

Now you can build a Water Purifier! You'll need 200kg Copper Ore to do this.

Step 3: Build Pipes

To connect everything together, choose Leak Pipe from the Plumbing menu and build the pipe to your Shower from the water source. Try to make it as straight as possible, since every turn will decrease the pressure in the pipe, which may result in the Shower malfunction.

The Leak Pipe should be made from a solid material, such as Obsidian -- but if you don’t have it, then choose any other material that is durable enough for building the entire pipe.

Build another Leak Pipe from the Shower’s output that produces dirty water, and connect the pipe to the Water Purifier in the room above. Then, connect one more pipe from the Purifier’s output to the pipe from the water source, which will create a loop.

You can now disconnect the pipe from the water source and let the loop do the job. As a result, you will have a Shower with clean water that will help your Duplicants stay clean and healthy.

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Published Jun. 24th 2017

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