The Elder Scrolls Online: Get The Most Out of The 2019 Jubilee Event

How to roll in Jubilee Gift Boxes during ESO's 2019 Jubilee Event starting this week.

The Elder Scrolls Online's 2019 Anniversary Jubilee starts this week on April 4, and this time it will be a little different than previous years.

Instead of giving out the Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box in every daily quest, this year players will get them through unique dailies each week weeks. The Jubilee this year will last for five weeks and be themed the Five Companions, the group of heroes who joined up with you to stop Molag Bal.

During each week of the event, the equipment for each Companion will be available as an Outfit Style. The style will correspond to the Companion highlighted that week. The Outfit Style page will be available as a potential reward in the Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box and for sale from the Impresario. 

As with many events, people tend to look for the most efficient way to farm the event rewards. Below are the best ways I have found in the past.

Couple of important notes regarding daily quests and the reward boxes:

  • There is a limit of 40 daily quests per character per day.
  • Only the daily quest type listed for each week will give the Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box for that week.

Anniversary Jubilee Week 1 - The Prophet

Dailies that provide Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes: Crafting Writs

These are quite simple, seven writs that can be done in ten minutes per character. Fifteen characters equals 105 Gift Boxes.

The easiest and quickest place to do crafting writs is in Alininor in Summerset. All the crafting stations are in the same location. 

If you decide to create additional characters for the event, leveling them to level five will give the ability to get the character certified in the crafting discipline.

Anniversary Jubilee Week 2 - Lyris Titanborn

Dailies that provide Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes: Delve and World Boss Dailies

The world boss and delve dailies are found in the DLC locations such as Orsinium, Summerset, Vvardenfell and Murkmire. Each of the locations offer six different world boss and delve dailies.

Players can get one world boss and one delve daily in each location, but there is a way around that limitation. Group up with others in a group of up to twelve people. The quests can be shared amongst the group meaning each member of the group has the opportunity to get a different one of the six quests to share.

This method allows for the opportunity to all six of each ques type in the zone. This is repeatable for character you have.

Hews Bane and Gold Coast each have two daily world boss and two daily delve quests. Use the same method with grouping as done with the above locations.

Anniversary Jubilee Week 3 - Abnur Tharn

Dailies that provide Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes: Cyrodil Dailies

The easiest of the Cyrodil dailies to perform are the ones at the three towns (Bruma,10 quests; Cropsford, 9 quests; and Vlastrus, 9 quests) for a total of 28 gift boxes that can be obtained in less than ninety minutes per character.

There are also daily quests at the alliance gate which can be more difficult to finish are are not the most efficient way to farm gift boxes.

Anniversary Jubilee Week 4 - Sai Sahan

Dailies that provide Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes: Undaunted Pledges and Trial Weekly Quests

Week 4 will be one of the lesser rewards box weeks. There are only three undaunted pledges that can be done per character per day. On top of that, to unlock the undaunted pledges, the character needs to be level 45.

This all said, these can be done on every character you have that is level 45 or higher. Doing this on fifteen characters will give up to 45 gift boxes (assuming all three pledges on each character).

Anniversary Jubilee Week 5 - All Companions

Dailies that provide Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes: All of the above listed dailies

This week is fairly simple, just repeat the methods listed above but remember that there is a limit of 40 daily quests per character per day.

Remember each of the events above can be done on each character maximizing the number of gift boxes. 

With this all in mind, you can make ESO's 2019 Jubilee Event an easier and more profitable affair. Good luck with your Jubilee Gift Box farming, and happy fifth anniversary to The Elder Scrolls Online.


Published Apr. 1st 2019

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