Minecraft Mods on Google Play - Not What They Seem?

Google Play is rife with wallpaper apps posing as Minecraft PE mods.

You know what's a good idea? Reading user reviews of "free games" on Google Play with the word "Minecraft" in them. 

More phony mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition have made their way high up the Google Play, specifically Airplane Minecraft and Dinosaurs Minecraft. Neither are mods to Pocket Edition, nor are they games within themselves. They are simply meant to rake in ad revenue from those unfortunate enough to download these glorified wallpapers.

Just about every free app on Google Play with "Minecraft" in the title is not a game, but rather a wallpaper.

There are certainly a number of Minecraft clones doing well on the Android marketplace (the most notable of which currently being Worldcraft 2), but apps with the word "Minecraft" in the title are never actual games, nor are they mods unless specifically mentioned in the app title.

Minecraft Pocket Edition mods can be downloaded and installed on Android devices, but often they come in compilation packs and explicitly state they are mods in the title of the app as well as in the description. Always pay attention before you download!

A good rule of thumb here is to only trust those which mention they are mods in the app title, such as the popular Mods of Minecraft PE. You should also always remember to read user reviews and pay attention to the app description. If the description doesn't make sense or line up with the user reviews, it is probably better not to bother wasting your bandwidth.

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Published Oct. 27th 2017

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