8 Times Mass Effect: Andromeda Completely Destroyed My Immersion During a Conversation

Defusing Tensions

Scene: Nexus, Docking Bay (Exterior)

You are in the middle of the docking bay talking to a terrorist who requested you specifically. She's dedicated to stopping the use of advanced AI, fearing they will overcome humanity and all civilization as we know it. A reasonable fear, perhaps. But not at the expense of destroying the quantum computers used to regulate the essential life-bearing systems on the Nexus.

You've been hunting her for awhile now, ever since she tried to hack your AI implant in order to rid you of your shackles. You infiltrated her base of operations under disguise. Tracked her down. Disarmed her explosives. And now here you are, talking her down so that the sniper doesn't have to take her out.

And then the camera ruins all of that by framing half your face. Damn it, ME:A! You were so close to delivering a fulfilling quest line without a major fuck up.

Published Apr. 18th 2017

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