8 Times Mass Effect: Andromeda Completely Destroyed My Immersion During a Conversation

Fear of the Dark

Then there's this guy just standing in the pitch black corner. We all know, or have at least seen, THAT GUY. He's like Fallout's Mysterious Stranger, but for all the wrong reasons. I guess he is what it's like for your opponents when the Mysterious Stranger pops in to help you out.

Hell! I don't even know if he's doing any goofy shit because I can't even see him. For all I know his head is turned backward, he's wearing no pants, and he has pool floaties for arms. I'm not saying that's the case, but I'm not saying I confirmed otherwise either.

Despite all of this, his belt buckle is clearly visible. After a little research I have come up with a couple possible hypotheses:

  1. His belt buckle reflects all light, no matter how minimal. He was sent to the dark corner because otherwise, his belt buckle would blind everyone.
  2. He actually IS an irradiated belt buckle that grew a human-like body from an accident involving an undisclosed superhero and toxic waste.
Published Apr. 18th 2017

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