Best Fallout 4 Pet Mods

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Oh, Fallout 4, why can't we ever seem to quit you? Here we are, closing in on three years since launch -- and more than two since the last official story DLC landed -- but all those fabulous mods keep us returning to the Commonwealth wasteland again and again.

Bethesda knows what's up, as the patches for this aging game keep on coming. Fallout 1.22 (listed as Fallout 1.10 on PS4) offered up a curious entry in the patch notes, indicating that "pet support" is now being implemented.

It isn't entirely clear yet what that means, but it's a good bet that we can expect a bunch of pet options to arrive in the Creation Club soon. If you don't want to wait for those paid entries to show up, the amazing Fallout 4 mod community already has you covered (as usual).

In the slides ahead, we cover all the best Fallout 4 pet mods currently available that expand out your options for Dogmeat, or even let you recruit a wide range of pets, from mirelurks to death claws! Unfortunately, most of these aren't available for console, but where they can be found we've included links for the Xbox One/PS4 versions.

Published Mar. 5th 2018

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