Is Dead Rising 4 coming to the PS4?

Although currently exclusive to Xbox One / Windows 10, there's a timer in effect there, and PS4 fans should be playing by this time next year!

One of our most anticipated game sequels set to arrive this year, the fourth Dead Rising entry has finally landed just in time for the 2016 holidays, but only via the Windows 10 store or on Xbox One, leaving Steam gamers and PS4 players in the lurch.

While Xbox One owners have been having a blast with this gore-soaked experience that takes square aim at the absurdity of Black Friday consumerism, those with a certain other console are left with nothing but coal in their stockings.

This apparent launch day oversight has left many fans asking... is Dead Rising 4 coming for the PS4? 

Sorry, no power suits or lightning axes for PS4 players... yet

Dead Rising 4's Timed Exclusive Release

While originally announced as an Xbox One / Windows 10 exclusive, there's a major caveat there, and hope is on the horizon for Sony fans. Dead Rising 4 may have finally ditched the mission timers (much to the delight of long-time fans), but the game's console restriction most definitely has a ticking timer on it.

Microsoft has revealed a few tidbits in a recent press release worth noting. Specifically, Dead Rising 4 is set to be a Windows 10 exclusive for a mere 90 days, meaning in early 2017 you should be able to grab a copy at Steam, hopefully with some crazy trading cards attached.

PS4 users have a longer wait though, as the Xbox One console exclusivity is slated to last for a full year! Sorry Sony fans, but there won't be any absurd zombie killing sprees for you (at least not in Willamette with a returning Frank West) until the end of the year 2017.

There's been no official statement from Capcom that Dead Rising 4 is specifically going to get a PS4 release date, but the fact that Microsoft went out of the way to state a length of time on the Xbox One exclusivity makes it clear the game will be ported to some other console.

PS4 seems like the obvious choice, so hopefully next Christmas will be very merry for the Playstation fan base indeed.

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Published Dec. 7th 2016

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