A Good Time to Try EVE (Again)?

For the first time in several expansions, EVE Online is receiving some tangible new content and the promise of something more.

The impending Rubicon expansion (Nov 19th) certainly seems to be a positive step toward a brighter, more accessible future for EVE Online, whilst continuing to appease the entrenched “bittervets” of the sci-fi MMO's fiercely loyal player base.

The introduction of deployable modules; the previously covered Mobile Depot, the resource rustling Mobile Siphon Unit, the fleet-impeding Mobile Cyno Inhibitors, and the loot-collecting Mobile Tractor Units, all add options to a variety of playstyles and even suggest some new ones, breathing new life into old activities.

Certainly the idea of small groups or solo pilots seems more attractive, with the opportunity to execute guerilla manoeuvres, resource heists and stealthy raids being made all the more achievable, especially with changes to warp mechanics favouring small ships.

EVE's unique player-run market is set to crank up the pressure in the economic arena as players are able to seize control of Customs Offices in high-security space in a bid to control planetary commerce.

The work that has been done to make EVE Online's often baffling, sometimes obtuse user interface has made many aspects of the user experience more accessible and CCP continue to promote and improve ways to educate new players.

The ISIS ship tree will help new players to explore the ship and skill options and a host of other changes and balances will refresh many of the Tech 2 ships.

Its also a great point to buy in to the narrative of New Eden, as CCP Seagull's vision starts to materialise and EVE's second decade begins to reveal its mysteries.

How will the safe havens of New Eden's high-sec empires hold out against ever more aggressive Empyreans? What are the the new pirate technologies? Will player capsuleers eventually be able to build their own stargates and where will they lead?

It's an exciting time start investigating. In case you didn't start at the beginning, here's why I'm excited.

The die has been cast.

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Published Jun. 12th 2020

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