EA is Recieving Horrible Backlash for Adding Women onto FIFA

When EA added women into the game, some angry fans let their voices be heard.

Just this past week, EA took a giant step in promoting gender equality by adding women into FIFA 16. This will be the first time ever that a female is featured in the FIFA franchise or any sort of sports game for that matter. Now although that seems like a giant leap for our society as a whole, EA is receiving a huge amount of backlash on their decision to include the women's national teams.

With this controversy, it still seems like half of the world is still trying to hold onto the fact that women should not be fooling around with soccer on the professional level. The angry tweets directed at EA looked like they belonged in the comment sections of a YouTube channel, with some fans going as far to say that they will not be purchasing FIFA 16.

It seems like the battle for gender equality is still a struggle, with even the president of FIFA, Sep Blatter making comments like, "Let the women play in more feminine clothes like they do in volleyball". With that said, this is an inspiring message delivered from EA, as a father commented on Reddit stating that his daughter was so excited to play with the U.S Women's National Team.

It isn't that hard to spot these two things in the world anymore; a woman playing video games, and a woman playing soccer. EA is doing a great job of representing both sides of the equation in a world where you don't see many video games or movies having a woman protagonist at all. Maybe our faith in humanity hasn't been completely restored yet, but with the FIFA franchise, EA is doing a great job of building up the puzzle, piece by piece.


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Published May. 29th 2015
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    These twitter posts are outright disgusting. I'd like to believe that these are purely cases of misogyny as opposed to outright criticisms of the game. I personally believe there are some people who are upset with the addition for pseudo-legitimate reasons (such as female players traditionally being separated from male players due to supposed physical limitations) as this infringes the culture of the sport this game is supposed to represent. However, it will always be the extremists and most uninformed, bigoted people who shout the loudest that will get published the most.

    I don't know if EA is planning to have the stats adjusted based on gender, or splitting the male/female teams into different modes, or whatever... but in my opinion it's a welcome change. Female sports (to my knowledge) have never really had a foothold in video games. Maybe this can open the door for it.
  • Victor Ren
    Half of them are just screaming for attention, some are trolls, and then some are just truly crappy people. It's too bad how ignorant they can be though, especially since they have the choice of not even having to play with them.

    Idk how EA is gonna put up the stats. Truthfully I think they are just gonna rate them based on how they play against other women, and there would not be women on Ultimate Team. Although, wouldn't it be funny to see like a 86 rated Abby Womback trucking Yaya Toure?

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