Zelda DLC: There's new cosplay for your cat in Monster Hunter Generations

There's new Legend of Zelda downloadable content for the upcoming Monster Hunter Generations, and this time it's for the cats!

Monster Hunter Generations has had many downloadable content (DLC) quests and armor, such as Amaterasu from Okami and Strider Hiryu from Strider.

Now another new DLC crossover has appeared for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS-exclusive, Monster Hunter Generations. This time, the new content comes from the beloved Nintendo series, The Legend of Zelda.

In this new DLC for your feisty felyne palico, you can play as the protagonist from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, known by Super Smash Bros. players as "Toon Link". Along with his costume "armor", Link also comes with the iconic "Wind Waker" wand as his weapon.

For more details on Prowlers, check out their MHGen trailer!

Remember that in Monster Hunter Generations, you can also use your palico as a Prowler for a new hunting adventure!

The Prowler is a brand new playable mode for MHGen where instead of your hunter, you can play as your feline companion and use a diverse set of support moves to conquer the fearsome monsters. This means that you too can also play as Link to hunt in quests, either alone or with fellow hunters and palicos.

For more details, please view the full Wind Waker DLC trailer here:

For those unaware, Monster Hunter Generations is an upcoming Capcom title for the Nintendo 3DS, releasing for North America and Europe this July 15th. An atypical Action RPG, the MH series focuses primarily on hunting large monsters in various environments to slay/carve parts for weapons and armor rather than a stat-based "level up" system.

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Published Jul. 6th 2016

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