Xbox One Gets All the Fun: No NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3

If you love watching NFL Sunday Ticket on your PlayStation 3.... I have some bad news.

If you've come to rely on whiling away your Sundays by watching as much football as humanly possible on the NFL Sunday Ticket app on PlayStation 3 over the past two seasons, this may come as a shock: Sunday Ticket will not be available on your PS3 this season.

Without much explanation, PlayStation confirmed to IGN that the pricey app would not be available this season on Sony's current console. As announced at the Xbox One unveiling in May, Microsoft and the NFL have a tight partnership in place that will allow people to access NFL Sunday Ticket, and Sony has apparently been left out in the cold. 

NFL Sunday Ticket has been available over the PlayStation Network each of the last two seasons, but this news means PlayStation 3 owners will have to look elsewhere for their football fix this year. And don't expect that special pre-order of the Madden NFL 25th Anniversary  Edition to get you back door access to the app on your PS3—the special offer that includes NFL Sunday Ticket with the purchase of the $100 game never specifically mentioned Sony's console as one of the supported formats.

Is this a slap in the face by the NFL to PlayStation owners? Is it simply another example of businesses following the money? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Published Dec. 5th 2013
  • Eli "The Mad Man" Shayotovich
    Featured Correspondent
    Frankly, DirecTV can suck it. I used to be a yearly subscriber (for 10 years) to the Sunday Ticket until the cost got out of control. I loved the idea that you could get it through the PS3 without having to have a dish or subscribe to one of their absurd packages, but I never actually purchased it (still way too costly). We do get the MLB.TV season each year and have been really happy with that app.

    As for NFL... the last two years I've been more than content with watching games on NFL Networks' Red Zone (they show ALL the red zone action from every game), which costs around $10 extra (if I remember right) on your cable bill a month during the season. $40 compared to $400? That's a new gaming console. No brainer there. ;)

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