Planetside 2 Fan Recreates Iconic Building

A Planetside 2 fan recreates an awesome tower!

Planetside 2 is one of those games you can’t help but enjoy. It is pretty much the only first person shooter which allows for literally thousands of players on the battlefield at one time. Because of its epic scale, it has drawn a very robust and dedicated following.

The dedication runs deep, with people getting tattoos, making nerdy cakes, and even living the high life in Las Vegas to attend the annual SOE Live event. While those are some awesome ways to show support, some fans have taken the passion they feel for Planetside 2 and have brought it into their other games. Cue awesome picture:

User silverbullet1989 on Imgur has created this replica of a Terran Republic outpost in Minecraft. This awesome creation is stunningly detailed. The outside looks fantastic and the inside is even more impressive since it is an exact copy of the real thing.  He even has a working gravity lift "thanks to the elevator mod." Click here to see more!

Well done silverbullet1989. Well done.

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Published Oct. 11th 2013
  • Tanner_1329
    Hello can you please give me a link where i can download this if you did that would be great!
  • Mister Koolaid_2610
    Planetside 2 is boring and broken *cough* P2Win *cough*

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