CyberPower Announces the Zeus Mini

CyberPower has announced the release of the coveted ZeusMini Desktop machine...collective sighs of longing are heard all across the gaming community.

CyberPower has announced their newest gaming desktop, the Zeus Mini. Announced on the CyberPower Facebook page mid-day on January 28, 2014, the machine has attracted gamers because of its flexibility and ability to be almost fully customized. With a custom small form factor (SFF) gaming chassis, good things really do come in small packages with this machine.

The Zeus Mini is packed with plenty of power right from basic specifications. Regardless of customizations, the system uses 4th Generation Intel® Core™ or an AMD Kaveri A-series processor to deliver plenty of processing power. Each of the options comes with multi-core support and up to 16GB of DDR3 memory that's clocked at up to 2133Mhz. Not enough for you? CYBERPOWERPC can overclock the system during factory build for you. Each system comes equipped with at least one SSD to ensure your data is easy to access quickly. And, almost unbelievably, the system can even be equipped with liquid cooling options. Inside the small form factor chassis itself. 

For the Knowledgeable Gamer

If you're a gamer who knows their way around a machine, you're going to explode when you see the options for customization. Essentially, you can define your own Zeus Mini setup during the ordering process on the CyberPower website. You can define almost any item inside the machine by swapping it out when ordering; the price, of course, will adjust up or down. You can upgrade the usb ports, the memory module, the processor itself, the CPU fan, the motherboard, the video see where this is going. 

For the Less-Than- Knowledgeable Gamer

Not everyone is tech-savvy--and it's important that gamers who aren't really interested in crafting their own machine piece by piece have options, too. CyberPower obviously thought of this when framing a plan to develop this product. They've put together 10 basic systems to choose from, ranging from as low as $599 to as high as $1479. On the lower end of the spectrum, average gamers will find an affordable-yet-powerful system. At the higher end, you should be able to run most if not all games available on the market currently. 

Have a look at the specifications for yourself here.

Surprisingly Affordable

CyberPower hasn't priced the Zeus Mini too high in order to make it accessible to most gamers; with such a variety of options, many will be able to find a balance between what they can afford and what they desire. The lower end system really isn't that much of a compromise for all but the most intense gamers; it's certainly plenty for players of most MMOs, casual games, or single-player games. The Zeus Mini does start to become pricey when it's customized. Depending on the parts you choose to upgrade with, you may potentially be looking at several thousand dollars for your machine. For gamers who can afford to do so, there's certainly nothing wrong with going all-out. The only downside is that you may have a line of drooling gamer friends behind you each time you use it.

Header image from; all other images taken from the CyberPower website.

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Published Jan. 28th 2014
  • Game Oracle
    Just bought a Falcon Northwest Fragbox. Cost me too much, but I am single and need someone to spend time with.
  • MandieM
    Featured Correspondent
    Hey there! Yes, I totally get what you mean hehe. I'm tossing the idea of buying one of these around myself, since I'm about right around "obsolete" enough to require a new machine :)

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