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We have all dreamed of being a master builder in Minecraft, or have at least attempted it to some extent. While some seem to make it look like a walk in the park, we all know -- especially from experience -- that Minecraft building really is no easy feat.

If you are anything like me, you will often find that you will struggle to build even the most simplest of things. Bridges, at least for me, fall into this category. While I can say that I have built some decent-looking bridges, usually consisting mostly of wooden blocks, they have never reached the point of being worthy to show it off.

But, let's be honest, this is usually just the easier option because it works... right? It just looks terrible.

Fortunately, there are some builders out there who can make much bigger and better bridges. Here are 10 of the coolest ones. May they get you inspired to build your own -- or at least download them and tell your friends you built it yourself!

Return Bridge

The Return Bridge is absolutely stunning and inspired by the Chinese fantasy novel Xianxia. What makes this bridge so unique is that an entire town has been constructed on top of the bridge. These Chinese-inspired buildings flow perfectly across the entire top of the bridge with the buildings working to the bridges environment.

The Return Bridge was built by Icerabbit, who finished the project in September 2015. The sheer amount of detail that has been put into this project is amazing and it deserves to be on your list of must see bridges. The Return Bridge can be downloaded for free here.

Steamshire Island

This steampunk inspired bridge is created by lynchyinc, who has not only managed to capture the steampunk-inspired theme perfectly, but also built a bridge that is very unique.

The arch style bridge spans a large chunk of water and is complete with multi-story steampunk-inspired buildings. These buildings line the edges of the bridge which creates the effect that they are floating above the water. This bridge will surely get your creative juices flowing and creating some amazingly unique bridge designs.

The creator, Lynchyinc, boasts a YouTube channel of over 21,000 subscribers where he provides tutorials on creative Minecraft building. The Steamshire Island map, which comes complete with the bridge, can be downloaded completely free here.

Water Temple Bridge

The Water Temple Bridge is one of the most visually appealing bridges I have ever seen created on Minecraft. The Water Temple Bridge is fantasy themed, and features a slight arch and multiple swirls for the bridges edging. While it doesn't look like it, I can ensure you that the bridge is indeed created in Minecraft and is a definite showstopper if you are after something that will impress your friends and family.

The bridge is part of the Temple of the Spirit Wolf project which is a fantasy themed map --that includes dragons!-- and is designed and created by one person, KatariaWolf. The Water Temple Bridge can be downloaded completely free here.

Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is amongst the world's most famous bridges, so if you are after something a little more realistic, then the Tower Bridge is just one of your many options.

The creator, EdwinAldrin, has done a fantastic job at recreating London's most famous bridge as he has not only followed the color scheme to point, but also implements a vast amount of detail to ensure that the bridge is as accurate as possible. 

Edwin's Tower Bridge can be downloaded here.

Draco Bridge

KatariaWolf has once again made the list with his stunning design of Draco Bridge.

Draco Bridge is a fantasy and gothic themed bridge that comes complete with multiple, vastly detailed, dragon statues. Similar to the Water Temple Bridge, Draco Bridge is full of detail that you would never expect from a game like Minecraft.

The main material that is used to construct the bridge is stone, and you can view the video below to get a cinematic look at the Draco Bridge.

The Draco Bridge can be downloaded completely free here.

Minecraft Mega Bridge

The sheer size of the Minecraft Mega Bridge is astonishing, as it looks as if it has been created using a 1:1 scale. The bridge spans across a large chunk of ocean to connect to an adjacent island.

At first glance, some may even think that the bridge is actually real.

Nicky_Troll123 is no stranger to Minecraft mega builds, and has done a fantastic job at creating a bridge that looks modern and realistic. If this sounds like something that you are after, the Minecraft Mega Bridge can be downloaded for free here.

Emperor Mel I. Bridge

The Emperor Mel I. Bridge is a steampunk themed bridge that takes inspiration from smaller bridges around the world such as Budapest, Lubeck, Frankfurt and Vienna. The bridge was constructed by C_B_John and consists mainly of stone and brick. The bridge's dimensions are 44 blocks high and 195 blocks long.

Unfortunately, this steampunk themed bridge does not feature a download link, as it was created via the Black Star sever which is no longer online.

The Arch Bridge

Part of the Adacia Collection, the Arch Bridge is a fun style bridge that has a medieval and fantasy theme to it. The bridge spans across a small river and features two large towers at either end of the bridge. These towers come in at approximately three stories in height and have a color scheme that couldn't fit the theme more perfectly.

If you are after something fun, simple and creative, the Arch Bridge will perfectly suit your needs. The bridge is created by Mcholypotato as part of the Adacia Collection and can be downloaded here.

Rail Bridge

The Rail Bridge's primary use is minecarts, as they travel across the ocean to an adjacent island. While the Rail Bridge may look very complex, it is actually quite simple in design. Once you have learned the pattern, the next step is as simple as repeating the process until the bridge has reached land.

The Rail Bridge unfortunately does not have a download link, but according to the bridge's creator, PsElvi, it could easily be recreated in approximately 2 to 3 hours.

Golden Gate Bridge

It wouldn't be a completed list of bridges without showcasing one of the world's most famous bridges, the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the world's most iconic bridges, so it only seemed fitting to add it to our list. Plus, it does look pretty cool recreated in Minecraft.

The Golden Gate Bridge can be downloaded as part of the World of Worlds project, which features buildings from New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Toronto, Paris, London, Madrid and Singapore to just name a few. You can download the pack completely free here.

Let us know in the comments section below which bridge is your favorite! 

Published Sep. 21st 2016

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