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Who and what is "Dad 76?" 

While he may not look like it, Soldier 76 is the official "den father" of the Overwatch crew. This grizzled old ex-Overwatch agent is always on the front lines defending his teammates, and when he's not punching holes in enemies he's busy planting Biotic Fields to heal them up. But don't you dare harm his junior members, for the second you do he'll have you in the sights of his tactical visor!

As such, it's no surprise that the Overwatch fandom has created a "Dad 76" headcanon. Fanart of this headcanon started popping up on Tumblr and DeviantART recently, and people are eating it up.

Do you know what that means? Slideshow time! Here's the best of your edgy pulse rifle wielding father in a blue leather jacket!

"Get over here and heal up!"

While I typically save the best for last, it's probably best to start with the image that started it all. Tumblr user rottenchicken has done a number of Overwatch themed posts, but it was this image alone that started the whole Dad 76 trend!

For those who don't understand the context of this image, Soldier 76's biotic field heals all allies in the surrounding area over time. However, unlike other heroes with healing abilities, Soldier 76 is the only one to explicitly order allies to come over and heal up.

The contrast between the harsh commands of a superior officer and the obvious underlying desire to see his team be cared for was just begging for this joke to be made.

(Photo) Roll Call!

This requested piece by Tumblr user Kyotakabunnymaru skips out entirely on the character of Soldier 76, and goes straight for the "Daddy Dearest" theme. Here we see our rough and tough Soldier 76 reminiscing about simpler times with fellow Overwatch member, Lena Oxton (Tracer).

Also, good on Kyotakabunnymaru for mentioning Reyes -- otherwise known as Reaper before he became a high-operating psychopath. It's the perfect touch to make this feel more like a longing for days gone by.

"No. They're for me! ... And the kids."

This Overwatch doodle by Tumblr user oiiChyo shows the denialist levels of love that Soldier 76 has for his "kids". I guess when you're busy sprinting about the battlefield to catch up with the younger agents, you might as well pack some lunch. The addition of Reaper as an uncle or best friend trope figure only adds to the adorableness of this situation.

Sad Grandad 76 needs some love...

This image posted on FunnyJunk by syrianbro takes the original Dad 76 concept, and turns it into something a little more sad by mixing it with the sad pawpaw meme from a while back.

Poor Pawpaw 76 prepared a biotic field for all five grandchildren, but no one showed up except for his loving Lucio. Props to syrianbro for in-game accuracy with the "5 grandkids" mention, since teams are made up of six players on either side!

"Tactical Visor activated!"

Tumblr artist Natasha Amber's comic truly captures the essence of the Dad 76 joke. Here we see Hana Song (D.Va) and Lúcio headed out on a date. The in-game age gap aside, the comic sets up a classic daughter's first date scenario. Thankfully Soldier 76 is here to top it off with the overprotective dad trope as he pops his ultimate ability in the last panel!

I hope you saved your Amp It Up skill, Lúcio!

A healthy lunch can do wonders for the body!

An alternative take on the post that started it all, GalaxySpark's Dad 76 is much less subtle about his paternal instincts. The all caps line above Dad 76's head is a play off of his in-game line "Get over here and heal up!" which is said each time he puts down a biotic field.

Quite fitting, really.

Sometimes Daddy 76 needs a nap...

Kik0man aims for a little more simplicity (and age regression) in this Dad 76 fan art. Here we have Soldier 76 on an off day with the kids. Being a father of three troublemaking kids must be tough work for a single guy, especially in his old age.

At least Tracer's around to draw some adorable crayon art for him though!

"And what did you do?"

Tumblr user senassi shows us that Dad 76 can't always be the good guy. Sometimes you need to scold your kids for not doing as they are told!

As a tank, D.Va's role is to stay on the control point and ensure her teammates stay alive. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like she did so here.

Senassi also has a bunch of other Overwatch themed fan art, so be sure to check out the rest of it here!

"They call me McCree the Kid!"

In a headcanon that would make even the most manly of men shed a manly tear, this image by honey-blush shows us one of the biggest movie cliches of the 80s and 90s. Nothing says "devoted superhero father" like playing cowboy with your... well... superhero cowboy son, and the pop-cork revolver really tops it off.

Seriously though, we need a "Kid McCree" skin in-game. Do it Blizzard!


Still here? Alright then.

This sketch comic by Perpetureality is cringeworthy in the best possible way. Dad jokes are something that every cartoon dad has pulled off at least once, and Dad 76 is no exception to the rule!

I feel sorry for D.Va. At 19 years old, being the youngest member of Overwatch must be tough, especially when you got a dad-joke-making den father like Soldier 76 around...

Bonus: He's the Reaper Dad!

Seeing as Reaper essentially holds the same position of "supposedly dead ex-agent head figure of Talon", it's only fitting that Reaper would get the same "edgy dad" treatment. Here we see Reaper's "DIE DIE DIE!" catchphrase get the good ol' pun treatment.

This bonus image brought to you (once again) by Natasha Amber via Tumblr.

Got any other Overwatch fandom headcanons you want everyone to know about? Leave them in the comments section below!

Published Jun. 2nd 2016

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