Monster Hunter: World Running Free Trial From Dec. 11 to Dec. 17

If you haven't played Monster Hunter: World yet, now's the time.

If you've got a PlayStation 4 and haven't dipped your feet into the Monster Hunter: World pool, you've got a cost-free opportunity starting tomorrow, December 11.

That's when Monster Hunter: World will start a six-day free trial for PlayStation 4 owners. All you'll have to do is roll into the PlayStation Store and download the free trial to get started, and now's a great time to give it a go! The Winter Star Fest event is still going strong, and it will be running until the end of the free trial on December 17.

Those who take part in the free trial and decide to buy the game can carry their progress over from the trial to their full copy Monster Hunter: World -- which happens to 50% off on the PlayStation Store right now until tomorrow morning.

So what are you waiting for? World is the next step in evolution for the Monster Hunter series and is a game that has to be played to be believed for both series veterans and total freshers.

There's no harm to giving the free trial a run, except the risk of addiction. 

It was also announced that Geralt of Witcher fame would also be coming to the game in a special crossover event

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Published Dec. 10th 2018

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