Dungeon of Elements: How Frogdice Created a Gateway Game for Casual RPG Players

"Dungeon style RPG with Dr. Mario combat" - Michael from Frogdice on their new game: Dungeon of Elements

Pang and Michael joined us on the floor at PAX East to chat about their new game: Dungeon of Elements. They designed the game to appeal to casual and hardcore players alike, with a slow, manageable introduction to concepts like inventory, combat and more.

A Few Highlights from the Video

Frogdice Threshold players are about 50% female, higher than average for a text RPG. Pang and Michael believe this is due to a strong focus on storytelling and complex relationship building in their persistent universe that spans all the games from their studio. Pang also designs the games, which lends them a subtle but effective feminine perspective.

Frogdice players are highly engaged. The persistent nature of the story that Frogdice Studios weaves with each consecutive game has built a longstanding, loyal, and engaged group of players - sometimes literally engaged! Apart from in-game interactions and an annual get together, a number of players have met spouses through the game, and the team credits their games with having lead to approximately 20 children (including Pang and Michael's 2 daughters)!

Want more?

You can find out more about Threshhold, Dungeon of Elements and all the great games avaialble from this talented team at the Frogdice Site.

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Published Apr. 26th 2013
  • Loigan_2173

    I have been a player of Frogdice games (mainly Threshold) for about 10 years now, I have attended 3 of the company's conventions in KY and I have met many awesome people on their games.

    Pang and Michael are great and are very focused on the community they have created.

    I highly recommend that every gamer give at least one of their games a try (If not all of them!)
  • Alumsaye
    Hi Guys,

    I've been playing threshold for quite a while, and met my awesome spouse there.

    I couldn't ask for a more supportive (entertaining at the least) community to be a part of.

    I would recommend any of the games they develop, as they are engaging and have a great following.

    Have an awesome day!
  • Drasoini
    I've been a fan, player, and supporter of Frogdice games for nearly eleven years now. I've attended five or six of the yearly gatherings, I've played Threshold from work, school, even in a warzone. These games have the ability to capture and hold the imagination of the players AND the staff.

    I met my wife through this game, and while we aren't part of the twenty children produced through the game (yet), we ARE the couple mentioned in Sahduin's post.

    I love this company, I love these games, and I won't stop playing until they turn off the lights and pack everything up. And even then I'll STILL play, even if I have to write physical letters to other players, with emotes and combat rounds!
  • Yfandes_4523
    I've played Threshold since '99, and I'm also a huge fan of Coin 'n Carry. The Frogdice games are really interesting and fun to play. I can't wait to see the new game. Any game that has Frobozz in a gelatinous cube has to be awesome! (See 2 posts down)
  • Ismenia
    I have also played Threshold for almost 13 years. Besides having an awesome RPG game where almost all of the roleplay is player driven, it is also a place where I have made some great friends. It is like a family made of people from all over the world.

    The Admin is dedicated to our player base and is always looking for our input. They actually even implement our ideas!

    It is so fun to see our world morph into these other games. Tower of Elements blends my love of Match 3 games and fantasy gaming. I really look forward all of the other games Frogdice develops.
  • frobozz_7227
    As that immortalized dead guy mentioned around the 2:40 mark I can say that having been a member of the Threshold community for almost 15 years because of the (1) high quality games produced by this company, (2) the high quality players that they attract, and (3) the combination of their administration/creation/development that keeps me interested in both playing and supporting them!
  • Jaheria
    I have played Threshold for around 13 years now, its the only game I keep coming back to time after time. The players and admin on the game are terrific. Although I live in a different country to the admin, we do have Threshold gatherings here in Australia. I have met many wonderful people over the years.

    The game itself is very involved and has great detail. I am really looking forward to Frogdice's next game. I certainly will be playing it.
  • Sahduin
    I am one of the 'engaged' players of Threshold. I want to share some of my favourite memories from the games and meetups we've had, and why I continue to play.

    I started playing Threshold for fun with some school buddies of mine. We'd go over to each other's houses and play all night long.

    Soon after, I met another character. Our characters fell in love, and while we planned our in-game wedding, the other player and I fell in love. We were married 4 years ago and I could not ask for a better person in my life.

    The first time I met Michael, he gave me the biggest bear hug in the entire world! I was very nervous meeting the person who made the game I love, and he made me feel at ease right away.

    I have travelled to lots of places and met a ton of Threshers. Other players happily open their homes and lives for other players, even if you've barely interacted together online. I have fond memories of a time spent in Texas with a dear Threshold friend.

    My husband and I just attended a wedding of a dear Thresh friend. It never ceases to amaze me how caring the other players are, and Pang and Michael, who sent along a sweet letter to the newlyweds.

    For all these reasons I continue to play Threshold and keep up the relationships with other players, who live all over the world. One day, I hope to be able to add another Threshbaby to the count!
  • Ray_7601
    I've definitely been looking forward to this (and every other Frogdice release). I'm a longtime Frogdice community member. It really is a great community and I love how it's grown over the years.

    The creativity of the staff and the personal attention to detail each member gives is apparent in every facet of their games. I'm still discovering new things even after all this time (not to mention they regularly add new content, besides).

    The combination of the above is what's kept me coming back and Frogdice is a perfect example of why indie game developers deserve support and attention!
  • yrizaria
    I am always thrilled when Frogdice releases another new game. This was a great interview that really explains why Threshold and every other Frogdice game is a little unique and such fun to play. When a player can impact the history of a gaming world, addiction is just a scroll away. =)
  • Jamie K
    Featured Contributor
    This sounds really awesome! I will def be checking it out. :)
  • Gotcha654
    It will be nice to have a new RPG to play, cant wait to get my hands on it.
  • collin.brooks88
    Haven't seen any games with Dr. Mario gameplay and I just love RPGs; this should be a great game.
  • Muckbeast
    Thanks for much for the interview, Amy. (This is Michael from Frogdice - the guy in the interview.) You asked some great questions and really gave us a chance to explain a lot about what makes Frogdice unique.

    If any of your readers have questions or comments about anything discussed in the video, I'd be happy to answer them here.

    Thanks again!

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