Lightning Returns Guide: Side Quest Checklist (The Wildlands)

Need a hint on The Wildlands side quests? Take a look at this checklist!

In this guide, I'll give a basic checklist of the side quests to be found in Yusnaan in Lightning Returns. Some of these are completed just by progressing the story line. Many of the quests are time limited for availability, so always keep an eye on your clock.

The Checklist:

Here's the checklist, but let me give a quick rundown of what you'll see in the table:

  • The first column shows quest name, difficulty (1, 2, or 3), and time of day as applicable.
  • Second column is quest details, a short blip with general location of quest start and other useful information.
  • Third column is turn ins, whether it's an item or just talking to someone, this is what you need to complete the quest.
  • The last column is rewards, everything obtained from completing the quest. There is an H, S, M, G, and I next to the specific Health, Strength, Magic, Gil, and Items rewarded.
Name/DifficultyDetailsItem Turn InsRewards
 Peace and Quiet, Kupo (1) (19:00-07:00)  Interact with the moogles in the middle of the Moogle Village after the cutscene to start this quest. Win three consecutive battles against Dryad monsters. Afterwards, return to the Moogle Village and talk to Mog. When you're done chase Mog and talk to him again. 60(H), 7(S), 7(M), 555(G), Mog Figurine, Moogle Fragment, Recovery Item Capacity Increase(I)
 Where Are You, Moogle (2) (19:00-07:00) Complete Peace and Quiet, Kupo and speak to Moggel to start this quest. Speak to three moogles spread out in Jagd Woods, then return to Moggel. 80(H), 6(S), 8(M), 1,300(G), Mog Mask, Retro Mog Mask(I)
 Fuzzy Search (1) (06:00-18:00) Day 2, approach the sheep pen with Dr. Sheep in it to trigger a cutscene and start the quest. Return the three sheep to the pen and talk to Dr. Sheep. 40(H), 6(S), 400(G), Fuzzy Sheep Figurine, Canned Sheep Logo, Fuzzy Sheep Milk(I)
Saving an Angel (2) Complete 3-1 and talk to Dr. Gysahl. This quest is part of the Main Story line.  Help the chocobo reach stage one recovery, and talk to Dr. Gysahl. 80(H), 8(S), 8(M), 1,200(G), White Chocobo Chick(I)
A Father's Request (2) After starting Saving an Angel, feed the Gysahl Greens that Sarala gives you to the chocobo, speak with Sarala again. Alteranatively, if you don't use her Gysahl Greens, talk to her after completeing Saving an Angel. Speak to the Wandering Man and collect four fertilizer, then return to Sarala. 80(H),48(S), 8(M), 800(G), Girlish Glasses(I)
The Old Man and the Field (1) After completing A Father's Request and harvesting your first crop of Gysahl Greens, speak to the Stubborn Old Man.  Plant a vegetable seed in one of the two plots available at the Research Camp, then return atleast a half a day later with a Gysahl Green. Harvest the Tantal Green and speak to the old man again to start the quest, then complete it by handing over the Gysahl Green. 40(H), 6(S), 500(G), Yellow-rimmed Glasses(I)
 The Right Stuff (1) Start Saving an Angel and speak to the Hunter Hopeful. Collect six Vibrant Ooze dropped by Miniflan and give them to the Hunter Hopeful. 40(H), 4(S), 2(M), 300(G), Chocobo Feather Pin, Mystical Meal(I)
The Hunter's Challenge (2) (20:00-08:00) Complete The Right Stuff and speak with the Hunter Chief. First turn in three Monster Mince dropped from Vali. Then kill the Aster Protoflorian. 80(H), 8(S), 4(M), 1,200(G), Gold Insignia, Soldier of Peace(I)
Chocobo Cheer (1) Complete Saving an Angel and speak to Nadia in Jagd Village. Rid your chocobo to one of the Yeul's Flower locations as marked in my Healing an Angel guide map. Interact with the flower while on your chocobo, then  return to Nadia to complete the quest. 80(H), 6(M), 300(G), Golden Flower, Chocobo Chick(I)
A Final Cure (2) (08:00-22:00) Begin Saving an Angel then speak to Cardesia in Jagd Village. After recieving the Chocobull, speak to Cardesia again and inquire about the Crimm Mushrooms to start the quest. To complete the quest you'll need four Chocoborel, four Luminous Mushrooms, and one Crim Mushroom. The Crimm Mushroom is easily obtainable outside of the Moogle Village. 80(H), 12(M), 1,600(G), Suspicious Mushroom, Toxic Mushroom(I)
Mother and Daughter (2) (06:00-22:00) Complete Saving an Angel and speak to Brella at the Monorail Station. To complete this quest complete Dog, Doctor, and Assistant, then return to Brella with Clove. 80(H), 6(S), 4(M), 1,200(G), Leopard Tail(I)
Dog, Doctor, and Assistant (1) Complete Saving an Angel and talk to Tilda and Thirteen at the Research Camp. Collect four Dayring Blossom, two Moonsoul Blooms, and five Goopy Goo. Bring the items to Tilda and take the Animal Potion to Thirteen to complete this quest. 40(H), 2(S), 4(M), 500(G), Orange Newsboy Cap, Animal Potion(I)
A Taste of the Past (2) (09:00-22:00) Complete Saving an Angel and speak to Chef Aryas at Aryas Village. Once your chocobo is capable of gliding, collect two Aryas Apples and two Rocky Grag Mole and order the Legendary Recipe from Chef Aryas. 80(H), 2(S), 6(M), 1,200(G), Ripe Apple, Crystal Apple, Mystical Meal(I)
Omega Point (2) Complete 3-2, Healing an Angel and speak to the Research Leader. There are a total of five points to collect data, but you only need four. Collect data from four of the points and return to the Research Leader. 80(H), 4(S), 6(M), 1,600(G), Aerial Guard's Badge(I)
Mercy of a Goddess (2) Complete A Final Cure then speak to Taleb  in Poltae. After starting this quest speak to Cardesia and listen to her story. You'll then have 45 in-game minutes to deliver the medicine to Taleb. If you start running low on time use Chronostasis to freeze time. 80(H), 8(S), 1,600(G), Delicious Mushroom(I)
Round 'Em Up (2) (06:00-18:00) Complete Fuzzy Search, trigger a cutscene at the sheep pen again Herd the three Flock Leaders to the pen, talk to Dr. Sheep and then talk to Millie to complete the quest. 80(H), 8(S), 6(M), 1,200(G), Cowboy Hat. Creamy sheep Milk(I)
Matchmaker (2) Complete Dog, Doctor, and Assistant as well as Round 'Em Up and speak to Tilda at the Research Camp. Collect four Moonsoul Blooms, two Rocky Crag Mole, and five Green Leather, dropped from goblins. Give the items to Tilda, and then go talk to Dr. Sheep in Aryas Village. 80(H), 8(S), 6(M), 1,600(G), Yellow ribbon(I)
The Grail of Valhalla (3) Visit Potae and speak with Professor Lathom. Collect the Goddess Glyphs and Chaos Glyphs in the Temple of the Goddess and return to Proffessor Lathom. Now you must collect four additional plaques around Poltae, then speak with Proffessor Lathom again to complete the quest. 150(H), 10(S), 16(M), 3,800(G), Crest of Etro, Sacred Knight(I)
Killing Time (1) Complete Saving an Angel. Approach a ladder on the path to the Temple of the Goddess. 30(H), 3(M), 100(G), White Chocobo Figurine(I)
Land of our Forebears (3) (09:00-22:00) Complete The Old Man and the Field and approach Chef Aryas. Speak to the Grumpy Old Man at the Research Camp, and the Sarala at the Canopus Farms. Return to Aryas Village to complete the quest. 150(H), 12(S), 10(M), 3,500(G), Pink-rimmed Glasses(I)
To Live in Chaos (3)  Complete 3-3 Where Chaos Sleeps, and get your chocobo up to stage 3 health.Check the Canvas of Prayers at the Wildlands Station. Head to Canopus Farms and speak with Dr. Gysahl. Afterwards, enter the Chaos Infusion. 150(H), 16(S), 12(M), 4,200(G), Odin's Horn, Gagnrad(I)
 The Secret Lives of Sheep (3) (18:00-05:59) Complete Round 'Em Up and speak to Cornelia south of Aryas Frams. Escort the Fuzzy Sheep to the nesting grounds. 120(H), 10(S), 12(M), 3,200(G), Cool Glasses(I)


Total Stat and Gil Reward:

  • 1,860 Health
  • 135 Strength
  • 140 Magic
  • 31,855 Gil


The majority of these quests depend on story progression and access to your chocobo's abilities. There are several difficult quests, so don't worry about having to return on a later day to complete them.

This wraps up the checklist for The Wildlands side-quests. For more guides, check out my Lightning Returns directory.

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