Elden Ring: How to Find the Four Belfries Location

Find the path to the Four Belfries area in Elden Ring with the directions in this guide.

The Four Belfries in Elden Ring is a location that leads to three other places in the Lands Between, most notably the Chapel of Anticipation, the opening area of the game. There, you would have fought the Grafted Scion and likely lost.

When you reach the Four Belfries, you’ll have many more tools and abilities, and revenge can be yours. You can also visit the maiden in the opening room to gather blood for Varre’s questline, and there’s even a Spirit Ash here. This Elden Ring guide will tell you how to get to the Four Belfries. 

The Four Belfries Location

You’ll find the Four Belfries in the northwestern portion of Liurnia of the Lakes. From the Lake Facing Cliffs just outside Stormveil Castle, travel north by northwest. Don’t hug the western part of the lake, as that will take you to the Village of the Alburnaurics, which is not your destination.

Keep to the water, through the sodden crystal forest, and to the west of the Academy of Raya Lucaria in the middle of the lake. You’ll eventually reach a portion of the sunken city called the Temple Quarter, just to the southwest of the Academy.

You’ll be able to see the Four Belfries high on the hill to your north on a clear day, but rather than heading directly toward them, continue northwest until you reach the coastline.

At the bottom of the hill below the Belfries is a Site of Grace and a path leading up to the right through some dense forests. You’ll be heading northeast now and going in the right direction if a ghostly, headless troll with a greatsword appears and attacks you. He can teleport in front of you, so be careful.

Continue taking the path north, and eventually, it will turn to the left (west), and you’ll see the Four Belfries area marker appear in the middle of your screen. Continue up the hill until you reach the highest belfry. Beyond it is the official Four Belfries Site of Grace, which you should grab for easy access later.

Where Each Belfry Portal Takes You

At the top belfry is a treasure chest holding an Imbued Sword Key, which you can use at any of the lower Belfry portals to reach various locations throughout Elden Ring. To activate all three, you will need additional Imbued Sword Keys. Starting from the lowest belfry to the highest, they lead to:

  • The Crumbling Lands: A spit of rock overlooking Crumbling Farum Azula far to the east of the map. You can’t access the rest of the area from the little bit of rock, but you get a good feel for what Farum Azula looks and feels like.
  • The Precipice of Anticipation: The second belfry leads to the Chapel of Anticipation, where you can challenge the Grafted Scion again.
  • Night Sky Unceasing: This portal will teleport you to an otherwise inaccessible bridge in Nokron, the Eternal City. As with the first portal, you can’t get to Nokron proper from here, but there is a Crucible Knight to fight, though he gives nothing but runes.

That’s everything you need to know about finding the location of the Four Belfries in Elden Ring and where the portals there can lead you. We’ve covered many other Elden Ring topics here, including how to get the Blasphemous Blade, complete Ranni’s questline, and most recently, find and beat Magnus the Beast Claw


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Published Aug. 13th 2022

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